Step 10: Pin the Border

Start pinning on your border beginning at the center bottom and work your way all around the piece of felt.

When you come to the corner pin your border in place about three inches up on the side you will be pinning next.

Lift the border on the left side and using your finger push the bottom border piece underneath then push the side border piece on top and pin. Continue all the way around until you come to your starting point on the bottom edge.

When you reach the starting point cut away the excess border three inches past the starting point. Fold the excess back so the top just meets the starting point. Finish pinning in place.
Cute, love the bows. And you iron is really awesome... haha
Exactly, its like.... portable!!!
I need one of these!!!! Neat idea!
This is a perfect solution for me and losing things!! Great idea Deb!
I need this cuz of being in the l.r. on my laptop all the time!
I could use one of these out in my garage, but not in pink. Do you think it would be ok, to make one from a pair of my old blue jeans?
Sure thing, any sturdy fabric will work
Pretty nifty idea thanks.
Thanks Donald
Looks like this would be a lot of fun to make and very useful as well.
We had a good time doing these, they are very easy.
You sure like pink, I would like one in blue.
Get with me after the cotest JohnMac and we will see what we can do
What a nice gift for adoptive grandparents in care facilities. I can use one just to keep all my stuff together, too.
They sure are handy Beth. The little Grannies like keeping thier knitting, crochet and embroidery in them because they can csrry it anywhere they go and keep it all together.
Beautiful Deb, you are a pro! Cman
Awww thanks CMan that means a lot coming from you
Great idea. Practical and pretty, and super project for kids
Thanks Lynn, I appreciate you
Another great one Deb! Five in a row, have you been saving up?
Oh yeah Depot I was ready for this contest, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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