Step 5: Boom Construction

Two identical pieces are needed for the crane. Once you have cut out one of the boom sides you will use it with a router template cutting bit to cut the matching side.

Use the dimensions below to lay out the outline of the boom.  See pictures #1, #2 and #3 below.  Make sure you draw everything through picture #3 before you cut out the boom piece.

Drill holes where shown.  See picture #2 and #3 below.  Use a backing block when drilling to prevent blow-out on the back side of the piece when drilling through.  Both sides of the plywood on many of the pieces will be visible when the project is complete.

Use this completed piece to trace the other boom side piece.

Cut to within an 1/8 inch of the traced outline using a bandsaw if possible.

Clamp the two pieces together and use a pattern routing bit to trim the second side piece to an exact match of the other.

A flush cut router bit (guide bearing on the bottom) can be used.  See picture #4 below. Just put the template piece on the bottom and make sure the router height is adjusted properly so the guide bearing rides along the edge of the piece you are copying.

Copper pipe pieces are used between the two sides of the boom to separate both sides.

Measure the thickness of 3 pieces of the 3/4-inch stock material you are using to determine the length of the copper pipe needed for the spacers.

Cut 8 pieces of copper this length using a standard pipe cutter available at any hardware store. Make sure you remove the sharp edges on the cut pipe with a file or sandpaper.

Use a very fine sand paper, 300 grit or higher, to sand the pieces of copper pipe. Do not worry about sanding or polishing all of the copper pieces perfectly smooth. Just try to sand them to a uniform finish.  Sanding lengthwise is recommended.

Continue using finer grit sandpaper to achieve the finish on the copper pipe that you like.

Stand the pieces on end on a board with screw protruding to spray the pieces with spray lacquer.  See picture #5 below.

Coat the copper pieces with several coats of spray lacquer for a lasting shine.

The copper pipe is installed with nylon spacers inside the pipe to limit the movement in any direction.  Without the nylon spacers the movement of the copper spacers will scratch the inside faces of the boom.  The carriage bolts through the copper pipe are installed with a nylon locking nut on the end.  See picture #6 below.
<p>Pure Awesomeness!!! This would make a wonderful Kickstarter that would be quite successful. If this happens or anyone wants to sell one of the above (i lack woodworking skills), please email STOK3D @ GMAIL . COM</p>
<p>Hi, </p><p>It is a very nice project. I am going to try it for the first time. I am new to this area. Can someone tell me what the below specifications represents?</p><p>17 of 1/4&quot; x 4&quot; carriage bolts</p><p>Is 17 - length of the screw? </p><p>and what about the other 2 numbers 1/4 and 4?</p>
<p>17 is the quantity of 1/4&quot; x 4&quot; carriage bolts you will need for this project. It looks like all of his first numbers are the quantity needed for the project.</p><p>1/4&quot; is the diameter (NOT the head diameter) of the bolt and the 4&quot; is the length.</p><p></p><p>Thanks to Bolt Depot for the diagram! https://www.boltdepot.com/Product-Details.aspx?product=2750</p>
<p>Also please tell me if you have any small project which makes me to familiar with all the equipment and it's usage and then come and do this project. </p>
<p>Hi Steve Moseley,</p><p>I would love to talk with you about making a couple of theses for my business. Not sure how to private message you my information. </p>
<p>I could not pass this project without making comment. It is very complex, yet beautifully done. Just WOW! </p>
<p>Fun project. I modified the boom so it would extend as well. Very good instructions, the hardest part for me was the chain, trying to get it the right slack and adjustment. I love the magnetic clutch, brilliant. </p>
<p>Fantastic Job! Thanks for posting the pictures as well. I would love to see a video of the boom extension in action. Great idea there. It looks like a couple VERY happy kids at Christmas.</p>
<p>Yea I gave one to my niece so this was the only time both will be in the same room :). They are still learning the boom extension but here is a video of the overview. Two more bearings, a drawer slide, two stops, and a &quot;lead screw&quot;. </p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/r5UTfMXqfnU" width="500"></iframe></p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/LtcQWy8txiI" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>Again, Fantastic Job! Thanks for posting the videos.</p>
<p>I was going to mention that I had to get the bike parts elsewhere because the business changed hands, some of the item numbers have changed through McMaster as well. I had a really hard time finding flat pedals and waited to the last minute on those, I ended up cutting some large ones and encasing them in wood. </p>
<p>From 1 crane lover to another...</p><p>2 thumbs up man! Great Job!!</p>
when I was 5 I loved theese things!
I have 5 siblings, all of them younger, so this would be a great project as a present or something...
This is great!! Wonderful idea and project...I see this kind of things in public places... Great work!!
Thanks. I appreciate the comment.
A 29 page PDF plan set and materials list that you can print are now available on my web site for the Kid Crane. Some parts are to scale to use as a template.<br><br>http://www.buildandcreate.com/<br><br>Let me know if you have any questions.<br><br>Steve
this very good instructable this very good instructable this very good instructable .......
You should write books!
I remember seeing these plans for sale online a few years ago. I'm glad they're free now!
Yep, found it! http://lumberjocks.com/projects/11180
Wonderful!!! I think youhave made a great project. I am going to send this on to my Pop who would love to build this for his grand children. My only thoughtbecause im a big mature kid is a pedal gear with some type of movement on the ground. I would say that would be off the charts. Great Great Great stuff thanks
I get the impression that you've worked with plywood construction before! If not, you strike me as a machinist. What program did you use to make the plans for this?
In answer to your questions:<br><br>I've worked with plywood a bit.<br><br>I'm a civil engineer by day and like mixing the wood and metal parts.<br><br>Autocad was used for the plans originally.
Leave it to an engineer to go this far for a toy. :)<br>Fantastic crane and excellent instructable.<br>Who had more fun, the boys with the crane or you dreaming it up and making it?
Let's say we all had fun with this one.<br><br>Most adults have to sit down on the crane and try it out the first time they see it.
wonderful instructable
This is totally awsome!!! I'm going to have to make one for my Great Niece. She may be a girl, but she's a boy @ heart. (GRIN) I'm not an engineer, however my Dad is a retired Electrical Engineer. I say that only because of my experience in dealing with my Dad, I can see your engineering skills come through when you wrote this instructable. Very concise, informative &amp; well written. It's just totally fantastic &amp; will be a great help when my Dad &amp; I build this for my Great Niece. (HUGE GRIN) Thanks for the structable &amp; Merry Christmas
This is a beautiful thing, and well presented. Excellent work.
This is a superb instructable! Thank you for sharing and keep 'em coming :)
How much did this whole project cost. or how much would it cost for someone who doesn't have any tools/wood/experience? I've been looking for something to do over the summer!
I think you could build one for under $200 (US). It depends on where you get your parts and what you would need to have shipped. Most people taking on a project like this would probably have some of the parts themselves.
Excellent work, thanks for sharing.<br><br>Can you take your crane a step further by building a low to the floor, two-section 'ring' to fit around the crane platform, with marked positions for geometric shapes that could receive matching building blocks? Then the child could have games that would have him moving and placing the blocks by size, colour, number, symbol or alphabet, all around his crane. <br><br>If you inset pairs of rare earth magnets in the bottoms of the blocks and the matching block places, the blocks should self align as they are lowered the last few inches. Slightly smaller, bottomless blocks, to allow for the needed top rings for the hook, could also be made for stacking, adding another dimension to the games.<br><br>You can also add a sliding, notched 'push/pull stick' to the right side, that would allow him/her to simply push the cable out, from a few inches to about a foot, so the cutouts could be staggered, making it more challenging to pick-up and place the 'building blocks'. You can allow for the pulling in of the cable a few inches as well.<br><br>By building the block ring in two sections, storage is made easy, simply place the top sides together and let a few magnets inset for this purpose, hold it together. A cutout handle should be included.<br><br>
That is a great idea.I will have to look into that after the holidays and explore that expansion of the crane. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
Cool.&nbsp; What a wonderful thing to make for your son, heck, I'd find a reason to use at my age.<br>
It's obvious that you've taken a great deal of time to prepare this Instructable; detailed parts list (with contact numbers, too), clear photos, clear diagrams, thorough instructions.<br><br>This looks like a heck of a lot of fun too! And truly an heirloom.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>
What a great piece of work! I love it.
WOW! Extremely well-made! Your grandkids could easily enjoy this some day. It would also stand up to heavy use in a day care, plus it looks very safe.
this was one of my dreams as a child
that is awesome - I remember also being obsessed with cranes at some point as a child, I would have loved this...
Hey Excellent Carpentry!!! The kids will love this one; the most important accessory...have you made a wrecking ball for it? Probably a modified bowling ball would do the trick. Remember what Red Green says, &quot; If its not broke... your not trying hard enough!&quot; Hey just trying to help... us guys gotta stick together, no matter the age. :)
a wrecking ball would be great..but then..safety first.. <br>psst..add a shield
looks very very professional <br> <br>is it very heavy? would putting it on a mobile platform be practical?
Thanks for the kind words.<br><br>It is pretty heavy which makes it nice and stable. I don't think it would be as stable if it was on a mobile platform. It slides around very easy on carpet so it isn't hard to move around.
Oh...ok <br>but i am sure looking at your son have fun with it pretty much eliminates the need for it to do any practical work
Wow very nice! I had one very similar to this when I was a kid and loved it. Mind you, it did clutter up my room for many years afterwards!
Awesome work! I you could rig up a working claw instead of the hook on the end that would be awesome too!
That's a great idea. I had thought about making a small electromagnet to hang from the hook with a battery pack in the seat compartment.
absolutely gorgeous woodwork!

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