K'Nex Folding Compound Bow

I recently made this K'Nex Folding Compound Bow after seeing pictures of other K'Nex compound bows on the internet. It is 1'9" long and has fully-functional folding limbs. It fires gray K'Nex rods, which store on the side of the handle, at a decent pace/force. It has a stabilizer and a working level, which comes in handy when firing the "arrows."

Please comment If you have any questions.


<p>Great job! This is my favorite build from you. But you should upgrade it if you haven't destroyed it already. :)</p>
<p>Sorry, I already destroyed it.</p>
<p>It is alright I am just saying what you could do.</p>
<p>Nice!</p><p>Btw this is not kid knex, those are standard knex pieces.</p>

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