Its amazing how much a ten-month child can get into. By the time you get one thing picked up, he is doing something else.

Once my grandson was crawling pretty well, he discovered the kitchen cabinets and it was time to do something to keep him from getting hurt. When our children were little, we bought a set of latches that were pretty effective, so we tried it again this time.

Step 1:

I installed the first latch on the sink cabinet and realized right off the door wouldn't shut; the end of the latch hit the sink. Lacking any other good option, I moved them lower and found out how big a pain it was to have to keep bending way over to get into the cabinet.

About the same time, I recalled why we had taken the latches off the doors when my son was still small; he had been nearby when one of the cabinets was opened and he received an ugly scratch across his arm. It could just as easily been his eye.

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