Kid Safe Throwing Star (Popsicle Sticks)





Introduction: Kid Safe Throwing Star (Popsicle Sticks)

When I saw the instructable about the spool racer:

It brought me back to my childhood where I made many of these, I stated to think back about the toys my father taught me to make on of which was a triangle (or square if you were better) made of Popsicle sticks. When thrown it worked like a Frisbee but when it hit anything it sprung apart in a tiny explosion. You could paint them so that it was more colorful on impact giving the illusion of the explosion.

This is about as simple as it gets:


5 Popsicle sticks



I looked and found this has been done before sorry if it is repeated, hope there is some info you can get.

Step 1: Make the Star

Coloring is optional but the kids will like it, I did a quick one with marker but yours can be as creative as you want.

Take three sticks and fan them out the center is on top, hold your thumb and index finger at the vertex. 

Take the 4th stick and slide it under the first over the second and under the third push it down about an inch.

Take the 5th stick and do the opposite over, under, over. 

You are done it should hold together, make minor adjustment for cosmetics and stability. 

Step 2: Fling With Force Grasshopper!

Throw it like a mini Frisbee at an inanimate object and watch it explode (the force necessary varies).

Slow Motion:



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    I loved these as a kid! Even if it has been done before, we can be reminded of them, or you can work on the presentation being better :-)

    Sorry this has been done before, that is what I get for digging up the past.