Step 10: Finishing touches

Picture of Finishing touches
There are three parts to this step.

Step 10A:  My favorite step
What I had at that point was pretty much just a flat black proton pack and wand with some lights, so I went to my parts drawers and started pulling out various bits and pieces, and gluing them on.  I used anything shiny, like some old grease zerks, bolts, a collapsible antenna, and some PVC I painted silver.  It's also a good idea to throw in some colored wires that seem to connect various points on the pack, as well as some more of that plastic conduit.  Just be creative, this part is fun!

Step 10B:  My not favorite step
This part isn't as fun as the other two, but really there's nothing wrong with it.  Spray some of the flat black spray paint into the cap and start touching up anything that was scuffed up in the finishing process.  Also paint over all the globs of glue and epoxy, and over any visible speaker wire.

Step 10C:  My other favorite step
This website has a printable PDF of all the labels you'll need (and then some) for both the pack and the wand.  I printed it off at about 75% of normal size so that it would fit better on the small sized pack.  After you've put on all the labels, the pack is essentially done and will look great!