Kids love Lego, Adults love Lego, I have always loved Legos even though I haven't owned a single Lego in about 15 years. Last year Lego came out with the Monster Fighters series Lego Haunted House. Now being a big Halloween fan and a fan of Legos, I fell in love with the set. I thought, how cool would it be to build a Lego themed yard display for Halloween. Of course, I needed a great reference to build from, so I had to buy the model.

My overall goal was to recreate the Lego haunted house in a 1 inch equals 1 foot scale, and have it done in time to bring with me to a Halloween Campout at East Harbor State Park on October 4th, 2013. This meant, assemble the whole set, take measurements, calculate out the size of a Lego, and turn it into a giant kid sized version made of wood, foam, paint, and fasteners, and finish before October 1st. Balance that with a newborn son, and I was cutting it close. 

Here is a video of the Lego Haunted House set up at East Harbor State Park for the Halloween Campout on October 4-6, 2013. 

So without further delay, here is my journey.

Step 1: The Actual LEGO Model

Pictured here is the put together actual LEGO Haunted House. There were 2064 pieces to assemble to make the LEGO version.

When building the Kid sized version, I needed to reference off of the model for scale and details, but different from the model, I also had to make it able to be de-assembled and moved in sections, as it is a bit too big to pick up and move. I can't put the giant version in my front yard all year long, as it will only be there during October.  It was built behind my home and will need to be de-assembled to move. So the engineering feat begins to make it not only look like the original, but also be modular.  
Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I spent a lot of time building and designing this and I am glad that people enjoy it as much as I do and thought I did the model justice. Happy Halloween All.
<p>Good job! This is fantastic! I have that set</p>
<p>This is epic. Fantastic job!</p>
Amazing project. Congrats on the win!
Thank you. I just found out I won. I am glad you liked the project. Enjoy your Thanksgiving
This is just incredible. The detail you put in is amazing. And the picture of your little &quot;Minion&quot; is adorable! I can just imagine him thinking. &quot;Call...the...police! I'm surrounded by monsters and my Daddy's taking pictures!&quot;
:) I think he liked it. His room does have plush kid friendly monsters in it. The Minifigs were the scariest thing he has had to be next to.
I love it! My wife and I got our four-year-old into Halloween monsters and zombies, it's Great! He even went on a ghost tour for the first time this year and was scared, at first, by the &quot;zombies&quot; (teenagers dresses up as such) and wanted to go back and do it again after! Halloween is the funnest holiday by far.
Very nicely done. My son has the Haunted House, it's a great set, and you surely did it justice.
Impressive and awesome!
Fantastic model but please, its LEGO never LEGOS! <br>
Amazing. You are a great artist. Love the work you did here.
Awesome! Later on, you should build several durable, permanent lego houses in your backyard and your child will have his own village to play in. I would have loved something like this as a child. Instead, I had to settle for forts made out of couch cushions full of dander. =(
this is amazing! I'm incredibly impressed with this, wow!
That is absolutely amazing! I just love it! Everything about it is top notch!
Thanks Penolopy, <br> <br>I tried very hard to make my entire display kid friendly yet also making it fun for adults as well. I am glad you like it.

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