Picture of Kid friendly bamboo geodesic dome
Everyone loves domes- ESPECIALLY kids! The devil in their construction however relates to visualising their assembly (often not easy - even for adults!),organising cost effective materials and securing the struts!

Here's a simple 1V version that uses bamboo slid into black garden irrigation hose offcuts. These are (single) gutter bolted at the hose overlaps -the structure is both rigid & quickly dismantled for storage.  All 24 struts are of identical length & thickness.

Step 1: Big kids - smaller kids!

Picture of Big kids - smaller kids!
Never mind BIG kids- this Instructable is intended to stimulate youngsters!  Aside from supervision, adults are only really needed to hold struts at the highest point (& to ensure concept lollies are NOT over indulged in!)
manuka (author) 1 year ago

HelanaTroy: Glad you liked the idea -with a name like yours I'd say 1000 domes could be launched! After looking at your bio & Shropshire location (& season) perhaps consider weaving willow saplings for cladding ? Otherwise clear film kitchen wrap can do a fair job of course, & multiple layers will toughen it all up quite well - a hot air gun can shrink wrinkles away. Stan.

apburner1 year ago

That is brilliant. With that technique and knowing you are building somewhat weak. There is no reason that one could not make 6 way stars and go with shorter pole lengths and make a proper dome with 500mm sticks and 10 4by stars on the bottom. A bit more complex. Perhaps but it would allow you to build one the size of the original with 1200mm sticks and much rounder and with a bit more eye appeal.

Again well done.


JodieT112 months ago

This looks great! Will get the kids to make one on the holidays and post a picture. Thanks for the instructions.

HelenaTroy1 year ago

brilliant job, and very clearly explained, thank you. I'be been searching for ideas for a one-person "chill-out" shelter, to no avail, This would do very well, if I can work out how to thatch it!!

manuka (author) 1 year ago

apburner: Glad you like the "star" idea, & thanks for the extra input. The simple dome was for youngsters of course, but more ambitious ones could indeed be made. Stan.

alicmiran1 year ago

perfect for a dog house

Warholm1 year ago


Interesting alternative 'star' node idea.
I can defineatly use this... Thanks.

manuka (author)  Warholm1 year ago
Great- glad you liked the cost effective "star" approach!
ecarroll51 year ago
Does anyone else think of the lovely bones when they see this? .. Or have I just been emotionally scarred by that film? haha.
tomswanie1 year ago
I love it!
Something to prepare for the Grandkids!!!
manuka (author) 1 year ago
Text now added to all pictures. I'll probably add more (coverings, & use as a lift off cloche greenhouse etc),but these initial ones should set the tone. Ideas & input welcomed !
manuka (author) 1 year ago
Yikes- I'm still rustling this up & viewers are flooding in already. Details to follow ASAP!
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