Kid friendly bamboo geodesic dome

Picture of Kid friendly bamboo geodesic dome
Everyone loves domes- ESPECIALLY kids! The devil in their construction however relates to visualising their assembly (often not easy - even for adults!),organising cost effective materials and securing the struts!

Here's a simple 1V version that uses bamboo slid into black garden irrigation hose offcuts. These are (single) gutter bolted at the hose overlaps -the structure is both rigid & quickly dismantled for storage.  All 24 struts are of identical length & thickness.
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Step 1: Big kids - smaller kids!

Picture of Big kids - smaller kids!
Never mind BIG kids- this Instructable is intended to stimulate youngsters!  Aside from supervision, adults are only really needed to hold struts at the highest point (& to ensure concept lollies are NOT over indulged in!)
manuka (author) 6 months ago
Text now added to all pictures. I'll probably add more (coverings, & use as a lift off cloche greenhouse etc),but these initial ones should set the tone. Ideas & input welcomed !
alicmiran21 days ago

perfect for a dog house

Warholm2 months ago


Interesting alternative 'star' node idea.
I can defineatly use this... Thanks.

manuka (author)  Warholm2 months ago
Great- glad you liked the cost effective "star" approach!
ecarroll56 months ago
Does anyone else think of the lovely bones when they see this? .. Or have I just been emotionally scarred by that film? haha.
tomswanie6 months ago
I love it!
Something to prepare for the Grandkids!!!
manuka (author) 6 months ago
Yikes- I'm still rustling this up & viewers are flooding in already. Details to follow ASAP!
Kiteman manuka6 months ago
You published too early!

You need to unpublish, add all the text, and then re-publish.

Any problems with that, click on my user name and send me a Private Message, I'll talk you through it.

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