Everyone loves domes- ESPECIALLY kids! The devil in their construction however relates to visualising their assembly (often not easy - even for adults!),organising cost effective materials and securing the struts!

Here's a simple 1V version that uses bamboo slid into black garden irrigation hose offcuts. These are (single) gutter bolted at the hose overlaps -the structure is both rigid & quickly dismantled for storage.  All 24 struts are of identical length & thickness.

Step 1: Big Kids - Smaller Kids!

Never mind BIG kids- this Instructable is intended to stimulate youngsters!  Aside from supervision, adults are only really needed to hold struts at the highest point (& to ensure concept lollies are NOT over indulged in!)
<p>HelanaTroy: Glad you liked the idea -with a name like yours I'd say 1000 domes could be launched! After looking at your bio &amp; Shropshire location (&amp; season) perhaps consider weaving willow saplings for cladding ? Otherwise clear film kitchen wrap can do a fair job of course, &amp; multiple layers will toughen it all up quite well - a hot air gun can shrink wrinkles away. Stan.</p>
<p>That is brilliant. With that technique and knowing you are building somewhat weak. There is no reason that one could not make 6 way stars and go with shorter pole lengths and make a proper dome with 500mm sticks and 10 4by stars on the bottom. A bit more complex. Perhaps but it would allow you to build one the size of the original with 1200mm sticks and much rounder and with a bit more eye appeal. </p><p>Again well done.</p><p>Steve</p>
<p>This looks great! Will get the kids to make one on the holidays and post a picture. Thanks for the instructions.</p>
<p>brilliant job, and very clearly explained, thank you. I'be been searching for ideas for a one-person &quot;chill-out&quot; shelter, to no avail, This would do very well, if I can work out how to thatch it!! </p>
<p>apburner: Glad you like the &quot;star&quot; idea, &amp; thanks for the extra input. The simple dome was for youngsters of course, but more ambitious ones could indeed be made. Stan.</p>
<p>perfect for a dog house</p>
<p>Great!</p><p>Interesting alternative 'star' node idea.<br>I can defineatly use this... Thanks.</p>
Great- glad you liked the cost effective &quot;star&quot; approach!
Does anyone else think of the lovely bones when they see this? .. Or have I just been emotionally scarred by that film? haha.
I love it! <br>Something to prepare for the Grandkids!!!
Text now added to all pictures. I'll probably add more (coverings, &amp; use as a lift off cloche greenhouse etc),but these initial ones should set the tone. <strong>Ideas &amp; input welcomed !</strong>
Yikes- I'm still rustling this up &amp; viewers are flooding in already. Details to follow ASAP!
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