Picture of Kid's Obi Wan Costume (A-La Instructables)

2 valances from JC Penny Bargain bin - $1.00 each
1 Ratty old Terrycloth Robe - free
1 old belt - free
1 light saber from any store - approx. $7.00
Some imagination and sewing skills. - priceless
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Step 1: Make the outer cloak

Picture of Make the outer cloak
You can use any leftover fabric, but my wife lucked out and found 2 valances in the JCPenney bargain bin for a buck each.


2 valances - $2.00

Cut the valances in half, sew the valance tops together on 2 of the pieces. (see image2). Fold the ends in (image2) and sew the tops (Image3). The sewn tops will be the shoulders of the cloak.

These particular valances had a silky edge band running along the bottom edge. This is depicted by the darker brown stripe on the following images.

Step 2: Make the outer cloak's sleeves

Picture of Make the outer cloak's sleeves
There were 2 more pieces of cut valance remaining. Using the silky edges as the cuffs, connect the sides of the fabric in a "tube" and sew the 2 edges together(image1). Do this 2X. (2 sleeves)

Cut slits from the shoulder area of the cloak body, making sure to make the slits the same length as the sleeves. Sew the sleeves to the cloak body.

Step 3: The finished outer cloak

Picture of The finished outer cloak
And you thought my drawings were too stick figury. The cloak looks just like the drawing huh?

I decided to use drawings because there was just too much fabric balled up that it would have been difficult to make you, the viewer, understand what was going on.

On to the Inner robe.....

Step 4: Making the inner robe

Picture of Making the inner robe

Old ratty terrycloth robe(white) - Free
Old web belt - free

Remove fabric belt, belt loops and pockets (image1). Cut the robe to right above the knees of the person who will use the costume, then hem the edge for a more finished look (image2).
jessiez4 years ago
I love this, you're so right about Halloween costumes for kids being way too expensive, how wonderfully economic this one is! This is by far the easiest DIY instructions I have seen, and it looks so great!
CementTruck (author)  jessiez4 years ago

Thanks! This is still hanging in his closet, and he's used it several Halloweens (going as different Jedis). He even brings it out from time to time to play with his friends when they come over.
Closet_RAt7 years ago
This is without a doubt THE coolest thing I have seen on here. 1.) you created a costume out of nothing, plus change. 2.) the whole project took only an afternoon to do. 3.) you made an unmistakable costume, that looks hairs away from what fanboys shell out thousands to get right. 4.) it sounds cheesy, and I'll have to make peace with that, but you did this for a child. I commend you that you must either be exceptionally brilliant, or graciously blessed to receive this kind of epiphany.
CementTruck (author)  Closet_RAt7 years ago
Thanks for commenting Closet_RAt. I'm glad you appreciate it. Brilliant?....I don't know about that. I do get flashes of inspiration from time to time to make things work for purposes they were not intended. I'm not sure I understand your comment #4. Is it cheesy that I made it for a child, or is the costume itself cheesy looking? Halloween costumes are so ridiculously expensive for things you'll only use for a few hours one night. This was much more gratifying. Satisfying the creative urge and getting a one of a kind costume to boot.
brilliance usually happens by accident, I prefer to think of it as being in the right place at the right time when the bolt of lightning comes by, and we're just receptive enough to receive it (kinda like a touch from god - type thing); so don't worry if you don't think you deserve the title, most people don't; but you were the one who got hit by the inspiration, and shared it with the rest of you, so I commend you for being receptive (and adventurous) enough to see this when none of the rest of us here did.

And as far as the comment that it's cheesy... that was saying that one of the reasons I state why I love this project so much was that you did it for a child; and that I show you favor for it makes ME look cheesy...
CementTruck (author)  Closet_RAt7 years ago
IC Thanks for clarifying.
Tvman7 years ago
nice man looks wicked cool (personally i like the white robe with lightsaber) but sweet job man nice approx prices too -
vader4068 years ago
lightsaber from store? come on! get a lux sab!