Step 8: The finished product

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Technically, you're supposed to wait several hours for the cement to dry before you try it out. I waited about 10 minutes and then gave in to my curiosity. Didn't seem to matter and the kids love it.
Absolute genius! Us desert rats could use a cool water toy and this one looks super. Nice job on the instructable. Well documented. RA
Wait a minute...you can run water in PVC pipes? I'm not sure I've ever used it for that purpose before....huh.... Looks like a lot of fun, have to make one next summer!
I built one today and had a BLAST with my kids. It cost $2.48. We put a fischer price slide undertneath it to ende the afternoon. So much fun. I was thinking about drilling holes in the uprights, both inside and outside to make even more spray. GREAT IDEA.
discontinuity (author)  dandersn20009 years ago
Wow - $2.48. That's cool. I ended up drilling some holes in the uprights too. They work well and i did some both pointing "inside" and "outside" the arch. My kids also put a slide underneath and even also added 2 slip 'n' slides (at the top of a hill) to the mix for a fun and dangerous afternoon...