Fun toy with mister jets helps kids beat the heat.

This project owes a big debt to the original KidWash instructable by discontinuity. When I saw it I knew right away it was going on the "must build" list for summer. A great combination: simple project, lots of fun for the kids!

I headed down to the PVC section of the local home improvement store to pick up supplies. While browsing the adjacent sections for interesting stuff I noticed the micro-irrigation section and inspiration struck: KidWash with mister jets!

The modification worked great. We turned it on and kids from up and down the block started showing up to help with the testing. It's a lot of fun on foot, but my kids also get a blast out of riding their bikes through it (just like dad at the carwash).

Pictures courtesy of J. Good Photography

Step 1: Get your parts

Head to your local hardware store for the following 3/4" pipe and fittings:

2 ten foot lengths of PVC
3 end caps
1 threaded female hose connector (slip fit)
2 elbow joints (90 degree)
2 T connections
1 pack quarter circle mister jets (12 count)

If the option of chaining your KidWash with other water toys interests you, just pick two end caps and add:

1 threaded male hose connector (slip fit)
1 hose cap

Note: you want the PVC hose connectors, not the more expensive metal fittings. Don't give up if they're not with the other PVC fittings, I found them by the sprinkler parts.

The misters used here are from www.mrlandscaper.com, a brand carried by Lowes.
<p>Modified a few things, but overall the same design you provided. The kids had a blast and we even made a 2nd one and connected them! One of the misters broke off, they are cheap plastic and sch 40 pvc is tough. Had to duct tape the hole since i did not have extras and the water squirting from the hole took away the pressure from the rest of the misters. once we fixed that it was golden. We will be enjoying this all summer long and are already looking for ways to extend it!</p>
Super easy to follow instructions, my 18 yr old made it for her siblings. Found everything except for the misters, we will need to order them online. drilled holes in the mean time and it's fine. <br><br>
<p>This was a quick, easy build. I modified it to be six feet tall so mom and dad could walk through standing up too. </p>
<p>My son and I saw this and knew we had to make one. Ours has the twist of using sprinkler heads instead of the misters. Thank you for the inspiration!</p>
<p>Hi! I'm making one of these for my 100ft Slip n' Slide project. The width of the SnS will be roughly 8ft wide - do you think the top pipe will sag w/ the water weight at 8ft long? Thanks!</p>
<p>Good stuff. Thanks</p>
<p>My twins and I built this and really had a blast. They measured and cut the tube with the rotary tube cutter. Somehow one of the spray heads got broken, but it was an easy fix. </p>
Thanks for the great instructable!! I made this out of schedule 80 cpvc for extra strength. The threads on the mister jets were softer than the cpvc so I couldn't just push, turn, and create my own threads on the pipe. I drilled with a 5/32 bit and drilled a size10/32 bolt to create the threads. The nozzles went right in after that.
<p>Thank you for project, Beautiful day today, babysitting my 4 year old grandson, guess what we are doing today.... boy is he psyche out, again awesome, thanks</p><a href="http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCsQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thefreedictionary.com%2Fpsyche%2Bout&ei=ykWPU_OZIcHQsQSG54DoDw&usg=AFQjCNGVKBldacS61JCxVQMrAYvvrUlg7w&bvm=bv.68235269,d.cWc&cad=rja" rel="nofollow"><em><br></em></a>
<p>This was a fun memorial weekend project and the kids loved it. Love the addition of the misters and I also put a valve on by the hose attachment as well so I could turn it off and on easily. At Lowes, I even found some small spray circle mister nozzles that I am going to swap out for some of the others as this will make the water spin around and should be fun for the kids. Only other tip, is to make sure to get all slip fit PVC. I wasn't careful and ended up with threaded 90 elbows which resulted in a second trip to the store. I had a little bit of a hard time finding the hose attachment part, and had to go to another store but found what I needed.</p>
Where can I get thesemister nozzles? I live in LaCrosse WW and can&quot;t find them at ACE HOME DEPOT or MENARDS
I had to order them direct from the manufacturer. <br> <br>http://secured.misterlandscaper.com/products/328-drip-irrigation-mister-sprayer-angle-90-corners.aspx
Built mine today - went nearly perfect! There was an iffy point when I had glued the 90 degree to the wrong pipe, man that glue dries fast! <br> <br>I added the chaining parts, and also added an on/off valve so I could turn it off without disconnecting it. Went perfectly.
This was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I chose to make two and chain them together as well. To make the hook-up easy, I purchased a &quot;Gilmour Poly Faucet Quick Connect&quot; from Lowes. That makes it super easy to attach the hoses.
How do you attach the quarter circle mister jets to the PVC?
True, HD does not have these exact misters. They did have Rainbird misters in a 10 pack that I purchased and they worked just fine.
You can say that again aha, what a poor summer this has been in terms of weather.
Seriusly, i don't see the point of wasting so much wather just for fun, there's so many places in the world where people are literaly dying for the lack of water.<br /> <br />
Wow, I would think there would be a rule or two on this site on not trolling. Its Florida they could install a kid wash every ten square feet and still have flood problems. This is great idea don't be a downer man.
That's why my play sand is free-range organic desert sand. My purchase goes toward water recovery projects there, enabling me to use my water here with a free conscience. *WINK* Saving a little water here does not magically make it show up in a drought-region. We saw that with the drought in Texas, when Louisiana was in a flood state. <br> <br>Seriously though, it just rained hard enough here to flood my basement. Somebody please turn on their mister so I can dry off. Thank you. <br> <br>Nice build, I'm going to make a couple of these, maybe make it pulse the misters to cut down on water use and to vary the misting. Makes it more interactive too, kind of like those funny water displays.
That's why there are misters on it. It saves water. Far worse to turn on a hose, with or without a nozzle, to let the kids play.
Jimytapialazo I&nbsp;agree it is sad many lack for water in the world. However until we figure out a way to move the water to those people we are not going to be able to help them. I&nbsp;wouldn't recommend using this device in a drought stricken area but if you live somewhere where the water is plentiful there is no harm in playing with this.<br />
I think is a matter of <span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="conciencia">awareness, we can't act </span></span><span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);color: rgb(0,0,0);" title="">irresponsibly sayin that if we can't do anyting we'll be having the same behavior as nothing happens.<br /> i wont reply any other response because a don't want an off-topic disscution here.<br /> </span></span>
I don't think punishing kids is the proper way to raise awareness. You want to teach them to conserve water, that's fine, but destroying their fun isn't the proper way to do it. It just makes for sad kids.
If you did not want an off topic discussion then why did you bring it up?&nbsp;Also it is a toy. You can say the same thing about meat. Why do we eat meat when if we all went vegetarian we could solve world hunger. Yes there are thirsty people in the world but honestly, can't our children be children before they save the world? Let them at least know what they want the rest of the world to have?? Geesh.
Seriously???<br /> It is definitely about awareness so this is the perfect tool to teach your kids about it, explain to them how other places are short on water and stuff then explain how using it for only X amount of minutes is the right thing to do because of that, who knows they might tell you to not use it at all!<br /> <br /> Kids will not learn anything if you don't show them.&nbsp; If you try to just talk to them they will probably put you on &quot;mute&quot; and just nod &quot;ok&quot; or &quot;u huh&quot; then move along (most likely) .<br /> <br /> Of-course if you live in a drought area then doing it at all would be wrong.<br /> <br /> My 2-Cents<br />
Do you flush a toilet?
There should be one on ever street!&nbsp; With all the budget cuts, most of the city pools are closed. Leaky toilets waste water, not giving kids giggles is far worse.<br />
LOL totally agree! im for more kiddos with smiles :)<br />
There should be one on ever street!&nbsp; With all the budget cuts, most of the city pools are closed. Leaky toilets waste water, not giving kids giggles is far worse.<br />
I dod this for my kids today it took me about an hour or so maybe less i wasn't keeping track of time. I followed your instructions to the T, the only thing I am thinking of changeing is add cement to 3 pcs. of the legs for more stability or just add 2 parts for chanining to add 2 10ft. pvc with misters. to make it longer I will up load pics soon maybe 2 days. but after all THANKS FOR THIS INSTRUCTABLE, I paid a total of 17 bucks for 3 hrs of fun for my kids. <br>
<br> DO NOT USE PVC OR CPVC BECAUSE IT IS TOXIC USE PEX INSTEAD AND IS AVAILABLE AT MOST HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES!<br> <br> <a href="http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/news-and-blogs/news/how-to-find-and-avoid-toxic-vi/">http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/news-and-blogs/news/how-to-find-and-avoid-toxic-vi/</a><br> <br> <a>http:// http://www.calpipes.org/ProtectingCalifornians_CPVC.asp</a><br>
Can you affix the mister nozzles to the PEX in the same manner? I have never had the chance to use PEX but this might be the perfect opportunity!
I would check at your local hardware store they should have the answers your looking for.
CPVC is NOT TOXIC. CPVC is commonly used for hot and cold lines in homes. PVC should not be used for potable waters, but this project is not for drinking.
If cpvc is exposed long term to direct sunlight it can leech toxins and show me any kid when their outside and hot won't drink the water coming from it when going through it; remember our generation drank from pvc garden hoses......Maybe this why today's kids are so messed up.
nononono NO...todays kids are so messed up because someone down the line decided that spanking your child to adjust their attitude was not appropriate ESPECIALLY in public so now every time you spank your child you risk having CPS called on us because those tree huggin anti disciplin people out there think that they should let their child &quot;express themselves&quot;...well when your kid is holding a gun to his head and my child is standin there tryin to convince your child to not pull the trigger, you let me know how letting them &quot;express themselves&quot;...but i can tell you now that gettin a spanking will straighten EVERY ill behaved child out...i remember when i was younger, my father took me out to the garage cause of something i did...and the next thing i know, his belt was off and he told me to bend over. as soon as i did he wopped me with that belt and it turned my life around.
I do agree with corporal punishment when a child misbehaves but, a belt is too excessive it can cause welts and even cause the skin to rupture and bleed which is then classified as abuse; I grew up in that same generation where if you got caught doing something by a neighbor the spanked you and then they called your parents and when you got home you got it again.
i wouldnt personally use a belt. just my hand. i got much worse than a blet tho...i got spanked with racecar tracks for hotwheels, wooden spoons, the old school fly-swatters (u kno the ones with the wire)...you name it ive prolly been spanked by it.<br><br>oh and i wasnt directing the post at you btw. i was making a scenario. sorry if you thought that...i wrote it at 0200 in the morn where i live...lol
No prob no offense taken.
Those two groups are the same ones that forced companies to include a: &quot;this product could cause birth defects&quot; sticker on every light fixture now. not sure I'm trusting them. Not to say pex is a bad idea, but i guarantee you wont' die or experience any harmful effects if you use pvc.
Can't buy the jets around here (Pittsburgh) either.... I'm looking at substituting these instead (plus would save on drilling...) Any thoughts or experience using these?
i forgot that this site blocks certain websites... search &quot;Orbit 10112W 1/2-Inch PVC Splitter With Mist Nozzle&quot; and click the amazon link.

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