Step 12: KidWash times two -- optional chaining

Picture of KidWash times two -- optional chaining
If one kid wash is fun, then two must be more fun, right?

The pictures below show a hose connecting the two, but if you want them right next to one another you can connect them directly together. If you're going this route, make sure the connectors are going to match up before gluing the base to the second unit.
smasumur6 years ago
Oooh, I have a project for the weekend now. I'm thinking of making a cube configuration with shutoffs to limit spray from various sides to a different spray effect (or water saving). I figured that with a cube, I can make a cover to put over it so it doubles as a fort when it's too cool for the sprinkler. I'll have to think this one through before dashing off to the Home Despot. If I design it right, I may be able take it apart and store it flat for the winter.
pcrews smasumur6 years ago
Great twists! Did you build it? My kids would love the fort and I would love the storing flat part.
smasumur pcrews5 years ago
I did build it and have been laboring to write an instructable to document it.  Obviously I haven't finished it yet.  I didn't complete the fort part last year but I did get a good suggestion from someone: use a shower curtain and shower curtain rings to make the "sides" of your fort.  Plus, if you use the right material, you won't care too much about it being outside and in the elements.  There are some cautions, like make sure you kids don't decide to roll themselves up in a plastic shower curtain (like they do with my drapes at home).

Oh, and I found some threaded joints (the 3 right angle joint PVC piece was incredibly hard to find in Des Moines, so I had to use a joint that was 3/4" PVC, 3/4" PVC, 1/2" threaded) that make it a breeze to store flat.
If you really want to save water, you should not put this in the middle of your driveway, all the excess water runs into the street. You could instead place it on your grass to get some sprinkler action going on, or at least put it on the sidewalk not in the driveway, so the excess water does some lawn watering.