Step 1: Kiddie Camper

My wife and kids were asking me to build them a playhouse. We live in a rental house and I did not want to make something I would have to later leave behind...so I came up with this instead.

We have a large yard and my kids love their PowerWheels jeeps. They are good little vehicles but have little to no storage capability. I first set out to make a little pull behind trailer. I quickly threw one together out of a plastic storage box, a crutch, some harbor freight wheels and a simple all thread axel. Before to long the kids were loving their little trailer. I decided to up to ante.
This my first instructable so please forgive me if we use more generalized steps.
<p>You know, with a little tinkering and a longer base, you've got the start of a reasonable bicycle camping trailer there. </p>
Bubbler... We have a couple of PowerWheels, so we thought we would load them up with the camper and to the hills. I am sure we will look like a minutiae hunting party. I will update with a pic and video if I can. Thanks for the comments.
You can take it with you almost anywhere, even camping.
What a great idea!!
Adorable! I would have loved this as a playhouse. :D
AMAZING!!!! My son would be the happiest kid around if I made this ...or if his grandpa made this i should say! :)

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