Picture of Kiddie Camper
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Step 1: Kiddie Camper

My wife and kids were asking me to build them a playhouse. We live in a rental house and I did not want to make something I would have to later leave behind...so I came up with this instead.

We have a large yard and my kids love their PowerWheels jeeps. They are good little vehicles but have little to no storage capability. I first set out to make a little pull behind trailer. I quickly threw one together out of a plastic storage box, a crutch, some harbor freight wheels and a simple all thread axel. Before to long the kids were loving their little trailer. I decided to up to ante.
This my first instructable so please forgive me if we use more generalized steps.

Step 2: Materials

Decide what shape. I decided on a classic teardrop. Selecting size and shape. I am cheap and wanted to get as much out of my materials as possible.
1-sheet of plywood (floor and sides)
1 sheet if 4x8 hardy board (roof)
4ft of 1x1 steel tubing (trailer tongue)
Scrapes of steel
2 fixed castor 10" pneumatic tires
2 pieces of acrylic (windows)
2x4 scraps
PVC trim outside corner 16f?

Step 3: Layout

Picture of Layout
I wanted to maximize the material used on the the sides so I used a piece of PVC molding to layout the pattern. I arched the PVC across the plywood ensuring to pass through the center of the sheet. Clamp along the way and trace out the pattern.

I did a quick rough cut to get the approximate shape cutting diagonally through the sheet. I then stacked what will become the two side . I cut out the pattern with a jig saw.

Step 4: Floor

I went with a simple 4'x5' floor. I used 2x4 cut to length. Assembled into a simple box with a stretcher running length wise and the screwed the plywood base to it.

Step 5: Beginning Assembly

Picture of Beginning Assembly
I attached the side temporarily to the base with screws. This allowed the side to be held up and parallel to each other. I then began working around the curved side screwing in 2x2x48" pieces about every 10" or so (more in the tighter curved areas.
mrthurston (author) 1 year ago
Bubbler... We have a couple of PowerWheels, so we thought we would load them up with the camper and to the hills. I am sure we will look like a minutiae hunting party. I will update with a pic and video if I can. Thanks for the comments.
Bubbler1 year ago
You can take it with you almost anywhere, even camping.
mwagner121 year ago
What a great idea!!
Adorable! I would have loved this as a playhouse. :D
HollyMann1 year ago
AMAZING!!!! My son would be the happiest kid around if I made this ...or if his grandpa made this i should say! :)