Step 8: Go get some pirate booty!

Picture of Go get some pirate booty!
Halloween 2009 380.jpg
Fill the treasure chest with chocolate coins, Hershey's Kisses and gold wrapped condoms and go have a great time!

Wo0kiE4 years ago
I have to say, this is one of the more original and creative ideas for a costume I have seen...
well done!
gedion40004 years ago
YAR! now there be booty worthy of the finest pirate! i remember seeing something like this when i was a kid, it was a gorilla with a guy in a cage and i thought it was the most amazing costume. great job!!!!
goomy4 years ago
This is amazing, I'm totally doing this for next year!
TorBoy94 years ago
A very creative and fun costume. I'll have to think of this technique for next year.
neilmac5 years ago
Arrrr, hey that's one way to get a man in yer pants!!

-reminds me of the song " she ain't heavy, she's ...err.....me...."

Lotsa fun
Add Commarr lol one hell of a way for someone take you home
shammc5 years ago
Fantastic, makes me wish a was a women so i could try it out!