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These cookies are a fun way to keep the kids busy during the holiday season. My cousin and I were planning a cookie exchange and so I came up with this.  Kids love to create edible works of art so if you make these cookies I am sure you will have some happy campers. Wilton sells tools needed to stamp on fondant cakes but  I wanted to apply this concept to cookies and let the kids color their cookies before the eat them. I also didn't like the stamps that were available so I went searching in the craft store and found these stamps ,they are for fabric but work great on the cookies and you could even make your own stamp if you want. Then my cousin showed me a video where you can make coloring cookies for kids but that involves piping  colored  royal icing over the white and basically drawing on the cookie. I  love  that idea but  I know a lot of people like me are more comfortable stamping then drawing.     ;)

Versatility of this cookie...

*Use or make the stamp/stamps of your choice like this one from groover
*Lots of different colors to choose from
*Can use royal icing or fondant to cover your cookies
*Great keepsake and/or gift idea
*Make it into an ornament or a fun gift tag
*You could even not stamp the cookies and just let the kids paint or color on the blank cookies

Step 1: You Will Need

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*Sugar cookies
*Royal icing or fondant
*Stamps of your choice
*Edible airbrush paint or Wilton dab n color (in the color of your choice)
*Food safe paintbrush
*Edible markers
*More edible airbrush colors (if the kids just want to paint instead)
doodlecraft2 years ago
This looks really fun! I already bought all the supplies to try this...thanks!
danlynne07 (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
Awesome.Please send me a pic or 2 when you make them. :)