Kids Fold-Up Desk





Introduction: Kids Fold-Up Desk

I'll show you how to create an easy to make in-wall desk using a few panels of wood, screws and a bit of paint. (also video link below)

Items used:

1.Wood panel 4'x2'

2.Wood panel 4'x16"x1/2"

3.Wood beam 6'x2.5"x1/2"


a. 4 - Drywall 2.5"

b. 8 - Cement board 1.25"

c. 24 - Stainless steel 1.25"

5.Hinges 3" (2x) 2" (2x)

6.Gate lock

7.Chalk-Paint and Roller

8.Drill gun or Screwdriver

Step 1:

Set height for support beam based on legs. Then attach support beam to the wall.

Step 2:

Paint boards with the chalk paint. (mask off with painter tape to create fun design)

Step 3:

Attach backboard to wall just above the support beam.

Step 4:

Add legs to other board using hinges. (that way they will fall when the table is set)

Step 5:

Attach board with legs to the support beam using the remaining hinges.

Step 6:

Add gate lock.

Step 7:

(optional) frame out the sides with any leftover pieces. HAVE FUN!!!!



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    Nice looking desk. You should enter this into the wood working contest that is currently running.

    Thank you very much, I'll look into it. And thanks for checking my project!

    u should make more artsy-fartsy stuff. Kay?

    Lol, no problem. Check out my youtube channel, I made some toy spacehips out of bottles. Maybe not so artsy-fartsy but it's all I got :)

    Next project will be more artsy, just for you!