Picture of Kids Hand Print Snowman Bulb Decor Gift for Christmas
Hello ladies and gents! This is a very special project that my 5 year old son and I did together. Well, the beginning anyway. I wanted something for our Christmas tree that I could put up every year and it would have my sons hand print on it. I loved this so much that I made two of them! One for me and one to give to my mother for Christmas. I know she is probably going to cry. She is such a sentimental just like me!

This project is so inexpensive you can make one for all your family! I hope you enjoy this!

What you will need:

• A small hand (here I used my 5 year old sons)
• Several different paint colors (water-based acrylic is safe)
• A small paint brush (See picture)
• Round Christmas bulb
• Piece of ribbon or bulb hanger
Krylon Lacquer or other sealant (I added a link to what I used)
• Paint tray (optional)

Step 1: Toddlers time to get messy!

Picture of Toddlers time to get messy!
  • Take your white paint and put a dab of it on your little ones hand.
  • Spread the paint all over his hand. You want to work pretty quickly so the paint won’t dry on his hand.
  • Place the bulb in your child’s hand and push his fingers in a grip around it.
  • It only takes a few seconds then remove his fingers without smudging the paint. If your child is old enough then you can just have him release the bulb.
Your child’s work is finished! He can go play games or whatever he enjoys the most while you get to being creative!
seamster4 years ago
Great idea, and well-deserved win! Congrats!
TabbyDeAnne (author)  seamster4 years ago
Thank You So Much! I am so stoked! I called all my friends and family! I feel like giving a long winded speach! lol!
glow11098 months ago
Trying to this as a fun activity at school. Did you use shatterproof ball? And how long did it take hand print to dry before you could decorate? And what size ornaments did you use? Thanks you
jenny19769 months ago
Can the plastic Bulb be use for this project ...I would hate for it to break 2 ,5 or 10 years from now...I would like to keep them for a very long time since I will be using my little girls hand prints....Great idea thanks for sharing.
OK, I wanna make one of those all of a sudden.
wow. make the bulb nice.
mjbell23 years ago
Great idea! And what a memorable keepsake! Thanks for sharing!
TabbyDeAnne (author)  mjbell23 years ago
Thank you so much! I loved it to and make one every year now. lol
i nned help to make one help me please
I'd be happy to help you. What's the question?
how would imake one as i fail at art
Follow this 'ible and it should be easy. The eyes are dots made with the end of a toothpick. The nose is made with a skinny tipped paint brush by pressing down on the end that is closest to his face and lighter as you move to the tip. The scarves are just a line from one end to the other of the neck and then a letter V upside down in the middle of the line and the had is a filled in letter A that leans a bit to one side. The 3 buttons for the chest are made with the tip of the toothpick and so are the 5 black circles for the mouth. All the snow can be made with the toothpick as well. Does this help?
My son made these in his kindergarten class a few years ago. By far my favorite ornament!!!! his teacher was awesome! she attached a small school picture on a tag attached to the ribbon so you can see not only how small his hand was, but also what he looked like at that age. on the back of the picture tag she put this little saying: "These aren't just 5 snowmen as anyone can see... I made them with my hand which is a part of me. Now each year when you trim the tree, you'll look back and recall Christmas 2003 when my hand was just this small!"
Absolutely love it! Makes me cry every year when i take it out!
It's funny you mention that because this year my little guy is in the first grade and his teacher did the same thing! So now I have the one he and I made last year and one that he and his class did this year. It was so sweet and had the same little saying on it. I loved it and will make one every year now! It will become a family tradition until his hand is too big for it! Have a wonderful new year and thanks for the comment!
glassgiant4 years ago
My 4yo son and I made some for my wife, parents and in-laws. Awesome idea!
July2010-Oct 2010 166.jpg
TabbyDeAnne (author)  glassgiant4 years ago
Awww! That looks GREAT! I love it! Very cool!
CrLz4 years ago
Sweet craft idea, perfect for grandkids to grandmom!
TabbyDeAnne (author)  CrLz4 years ago
That is exactly what I did! Both grandparents cried! They LOVED it! I also kept one for myself... I'm a softy. lol. Thank you! Have a great New Year!
sukigirl4 years ago
This is great! Thank you for sharing this :D
TabbyDeAnne (author)  sukigirl4 years ago
Anytime! Have a great Holiday!
I LOVE THIS! I need to make this for my mom! She'd just love it! lol
TabbyDeAnne (author)  babyruthless4 years ago
That is a great way to keep your mom in the loop! Mine will cherish this every Christmas! Thanks! Have a Merry Holiday Season!
ybedull4 years ago
This is such a super cute idea! We will definitely be doing this next year =)
TabbyDeAnne (author)  ybedull4 years ago
Thanks!! I just did a HUGE crafts day with with my cousins kids and we did this as a gift to their moms. Lots of tears on Christmas day! My cousins are big softies like me! lol. Have a great Holiday Season!
jwystup4 years ago
So. Freakin. Cute. I don't have kids but if I did, I would probably be doing this right now.
TabbyDeAnne (author)  jwystup4 years ago
Awww! Thanks! If you ever want to borrow one, let me know! lol. Just kidding. Have a great Holiday season!
beingo_19904 years ago
merry Christmas,but itn't our hoilday...we also have class
TabbyDeAnne (author)  beingo_19904 years ago
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! Hope class is short and sweet.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
That is awesome! I'm glad you titled it so, or I wouldn't have guessed it was a handprint at all!
TabbyDeAnne (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
Thank you so much! I fell in love with this one. I am making one for all my close family now. Enjoy!