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Here are some fun kids crafts to do on a road trip!  These instructions will create memories of your family vacation that your kids will never forget! They will have a blast and so will you! 

There are several different paper dolls to print out. You can print some in color or black and white so your kids can color them. They will be busy cutting, coloring and designing clothes, and you won't even know they are in the car!

I have included doll clothes to make as well as a child's purse. This part your kids will love. Mom or dad will help them cut out and sew a couple of outfits and a purse. Riding in the car is the perfect opportunity to create some quality time doing something with your kids. They will benefit from your attention as well as use their minds to create things, and learn something about sewing and re-using stuff for good purposes. They will have a lot of fun creating their master pieces. 

I have included instructions to make the Instructables to go box to put all the crafts in. 

Although these instructions are for doll clothes you could create something very similar for boys. There are plenty of paper crafts to print out and make to go. Boats and planes to to name a couple. How about a to go box with small match box cars using the built-in race track from the box and an inner tube for the track? 

Older kids could have a sewing kit to embroidery, make a lap quilt, or crochet. These boxes are great for many uses. 

You see how many outfits can be made with a little imagination. Just wrapping it around a dolls body by using things we usually throw away. I actually enjoyed making them more than I did the clothes, I wanted to include something that kids could learn to do. 

I have listed the paper dolls, wraps, box, purse, and the doll clothes under separate titles for supplies and instructions. 

Enjoy your stay!


Step 1: Paper Dolls

If you search free printable paper dolls there are a lot of places to print them. I picked ones that would keep the kids busy. It takes extra time to color and cut out the dolls, so I felt that was important. I included a link for colored ones, so the kids would have ideas of how to color their doll clothes. I found one that was a little larger for the younger kids. There are so many cute paper dolls to print.  I wanted all of them! 

Here are the links:


Step 2: Clothing Wraps

 The wraps are a way to encourage the kids to use their imagination. I used old clothes and fabrics of different colors, textures, cuffs, buttons, lace, and ribbon.  You just wrap the fabric around the doll different ways, directions, making your own creations.  For the shorts I centered the mesh on the doll and pulled up the bottom like a diaper and wrapped the rest of the fabric around the waist and tucked the  ends into the waist.  You can use the thin inner tube strips for a belt, it works very well for this. 

Plastic grocery bags of different colors, mesh fruit and vegetable bags, toilet paper roll for coloring, tin foil and old inner tubes.

Cloth napkins

Neck ties would work very nice

Colored tissue paper

Different lengths and widths large enough to cut down if they like,  the more they have to do the longer it keeps them busy.

A small roll of tape would help stick the backs together.

Safety pins for the older kids. Pins in the car is something to really think about though.

Safety scissors.

Plenty of tin foil! The tin foil wraps were absolutely the most fun.

A magazine might be fun so the kids could cut out themes to place on the lid of the box.  Maybe a bedroom, kitchen, or outdoor picture. 

Step 3: Doll Clothes Patterns

 If you look at the pictures and measure the doll you are making the clothes for you can pretty much see from the instructions how they are put together. The hardest part is sewing them because of the size. After working with the tin foil, I think you could design a dress or skirt from tin foil and trace a pattern from the foil for the size. The jacket will be the one that might be difficult. Most of the rest are all straight lines and fairly easy to figure out. This pattern is to show you the shape you need.  Every doll is different.

Step 4: Doll Clothes Layout

Here is the layout for the clothes we are sewing.
1 long skirt
1 reversible short skirt
2 summer tops
1 jacket
1 belt or waist band


Step 5: How to Make a Pattern From Doll Clothes

Here is how I make doll clothes patterns not that it is the best way but it is the way I do it.

It helps to measure the bust, waist and hips of the doll to be accurate and adjust for the seams so it will have a perfect fit,  a tape measure will be useful. 

You can either use the doll clothes as a pattern or the doll.

The pictures explain how to mark the pattern.

I used a seam ripper on the halter  top to open the part that goes around the neck so the top would lay flat.

This skirt is not made very well and was not a very good pattern.

Place the skirt on the fold of the fabric and mark to cut it.

The top is done the same way using a single layer of fabric.

Mark your pieces before the trip and cut out just enough that you are not taking a large piece of fabric on the trip. You leave enough for the kids to cut out the pattern. This adds more work taking longer to do.

The long skirt pattern was made by laying the doll on the fabric and marking it larger than the dolls waist, thighs, and hem line to allow for seams.

My skirt was just a tad bit small around the waist, but for a doll skirt I did not go back and cut another one.

Step 6: Sewing the Long Doll Skirt

To make the doll clothing you will need the basic sewing tools:

Sewing needle or machine
Small pieces of fabric scraps
Matching thread
Pattern or doll to make pattern
Marking pin
Tape measure
Seam ripper


Bicycle inner tube cut into strips very narrow and then 2 inch wide strips. This will be used for a belt and a clothing wrap.

With right sides together sew one side seam.
Turn down the raw edge and hem the waist.

Open the skirt to the wrong side.

Turn up the bottom hem to make a nice finished edge and sew it.  

I turned under the side seam where the opening is but only out of habit.  Keep it simple if you like and omit that part. 

Hem the bottom hem.

Sew the remaining side seam up to the back opening. 

That is all for the skirt.

To hide the back opening you can cut a strip of heavy string or a small strip of inner tube and tie the waist band. 

Step 7: Sewing the Red Doll Top and Plaid Shirt

This top was made from a cuff from a shirt.

The correct way to do this is to mark about where the snap should fall when placed around the dolls waist and allow a little extra for a small seam.

Place right sides together and make a seam down the cuff.

Cut off the extra fabric.

That is it!

I used an orange fruit bag to wrap around the doll for a skirt.

To make the plaid jacket fold the fabric in half and cut 2 from the fabric.

With right sides together sew the shoulder seam.

With right sides together sew the sides and under the arms.

Cut the front opening down the front center.

That is all unless you wish to finish the hems and raw edges.

To make the halter top just cut it out and sew the strap to one side like the picture of the yellow halter top or sew Velcro dots on the strap ends.  . 

Step 8: Sewing the Doll Reversible Skirt

To make the skirt you will need:

To make the doll clothing you will need the basic sewing tools:

Sewing needle or machine
Small pieces of fabric scraps
Matching thread
Pattern or doll to make pattern
Marking pin
Tape measure
Seam ripper


Bicycle inner tube cut into strips very narrow and then 2 inch wide strips. This will be used for a belt and a clothing wrap.

The reversible skirt was made by using part of the hem of a pair of jeans cut the size I needed for the skirt for one side allowing extra for seams.

The print and solid side was 2 pieces of fabric sewn together to make the reversible side of the skirt.

Then with right sides together I sewed the jeans to the fabric leaving the raw edges of the fabric open to turn because I wanted the hemmed jeans side for the real hem.

Then I turned it Right side out.

I did not finish the waist of the skirt because a blouse can hide it or in this case the inner tube wrapped top hid it.


Step 9: The Purse

To make this purse you will need:
Sewing needle or sewing machine
Small pieces of fabric scraps.  The purse measures 4 x 6 1/2  and you need double because it is lined. 
Matching thread
Marking pin
Tape measure
Seam ripper

This is a child's short handled lined purse with a button closure. 

Follow the pictures for cutting the handle.   They are self explanatory. 

Place the purse on the fold and cut out one of the lining and one of the purse.

If you are taking this on a trip to occupy the kids then mark it on both sides and leave enough for the kids to cut out when they make it. this gives them experience cutting fabric. 

Place the right sides of the purse and lining together and sew the part that looks like a roof line. The entire side. 

Fold the side over like the picture and sew as shown.

Turn right side out.

For the handle follow the pictures.

Place the handles on the inside of the purse and stitch it securely. 

Sew the button on.

Mark the button hole and cut it.

You finished with the purse.


Step 10: The Instructables Box

What you need:

Small pizza box
Instructables patch
Instructables stickers
Tape measure
Plastic handle if you want a handle  I got mine off  Pine-sol double pack

For the box all I did was tape an instructables patch over the name of the pizza place so it would look like Instructables To Go.

I had a handle from a pine-sol bottle I purchased at Sam's and cut a slit in the side of the box and slipped the handle through the opening.

It makes a great handle.

I have more than one pizza box that is why these pictures don't show a handle. I would have not mentioned it but the handle is such a great feature I had to share the tip with you.

I used the Instructables stickers for the front side of the box.

Step 11: The Sewing Kit

What you need:

Small pizza box
Tape measure
Sewing machine or hand sew
Seam ripper
Velcro dots 1 set
Cardboard approx 8x 11
Batting approx 8x11 and a small one 2 x 3 1/2
Pinking sheers if you wish to cut around the edges of the pin cushion
2 Pieces of contrasting  fabric My lid measures 8 x 11 so you need approx 4 pieces measuring 10x 14
Picture for back drop

The sewing kit is made with 2 contrasting fabrics, 3 pockets, a needle and pin pocket, batting and cardboard. The needle pocket is held with Velcro dots. The needle pocket has a button embellishment. There are crayons in one pocket for coloring. 

The cardboard was measured to fit just inside the pizza box so it would close properly.

I cut the fabric a seams width larger than the cardboard and made a pocket with three sections for storing scissors, seam ripper, patterns and thread.

The pocket is 2/3 the size of the cardboard.

I cut 2 dark blue for the sleeve to cover the cardboard.

I cut 2/3 the size of the pocket sleeve for the pockets and cut 1 on the fold so they would be double.

I pinned the pocket to one sleeve piece lining up one long edge so the folded part would be at the top.

I sewed the bottom edge of the pocket to the wrong side of the sleeve along the long edge.

I turned it right side out and pressed it well.

I marked where I wanted the pockets and top stitched three pockets as shown.

Then with right sides together I sewed the front to the back like a pillow case leaving one short end open to turn and add the batting.

Turn right side out.

I placed the card board in the kit and added the batting smoothing out all the wrinkles.

I turned under the raw seams between each other and top stitched the ends for a nice finished look.

I cut out a pocket the size I wanted for needles and pins. I cut 2.

Then cut 1 pocket flap. 1 cardboard and batting slightly smaller so it would fit inside the pocket.

I layered everything together with right sides showing and sewed all around the pocket.

I pinked the edges and added a button.

I stuck Velcro in the center of the kit and on the pocket and stuck the pocket to the kit.

It is nice because it is removable.

I cut out a picture of a beach scene and thought that would make a nice back drop for the back side of the sewing kit for the paper dolls and barbie doll.


Step 12: Here Is a Sewing Kit for Older Kids

What you need for the older kids sewing kit:
Embroidery thread
Seam ripper
Embroidery hoop
Stamped pillow cases

Here is an embroidery Instructables to go for the older kids.  It would also make a great box for making a lap quilt or crochet and knitting.  I have many great uses for these pizza boxes.  They are great to organize things. 


Step 13: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

These outfits rock! I had so much fun. I remember my mother was always working on crafts. She invented recycle long before it was popular. She would have a blast on this site! I was walking home from school one day and went into my bedroom to change clothes. Behind my door was a set of doll furniture made from cardboard boxes. She had curtains over the windows. Gingham I recall. She made a bed, couch, chair, and others but I only remember those. I was so excited! I thought it was Christmas! 

Later on, I remember her giving me fabric and ribbons to make my own doll clothes. I spent hours and hours making them. I also cut paper dolls out of magazines and played with them. 

I am sure kids will have fun with this instructable because it is not something we do anymore. It will be a different experience for them. 

Thank you so much for dropping by. Please remember to rate and vote. Thanks. 

Have a nice day!

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    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope your day shines.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a beautiful day!

    1st; YOU SOOOO ROCK OUTLOUD!!!!!!! 2nd: I can so sympathise with you! I have 5 kids myself, 7 even when they've gone threw all they ring, & have evn traded activities, it's always great to have an ace in the whole!! We hide our extra crafts for when that oppertune momment presentss it'self & everything eles has lost it's luster 7 go for rts&crafts make quick!!! awesome job Mamma!!! lol :)

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    Thanks for leaving me such an encouraging message. I really enjoyed making this. I know any kid would love this. Please look at some of my other pages as I have just made plastic cheese and it is pretty fun. I am waiting for it to dry to make something from it. Thanks again! Sunshiine

    wooow i love this kind of stuff!! it's on my "to do" loooong list. I had a long time ago a lot of drawings with dresses and clothes designed by me...:)) (i wanted to became a designer)...

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    How wonderful! I am no designer but would love to see your stuff. Thank you for taking the time to share. These were so fun to make.

    i hope i can still find some of my drawings (if so i'll share!:P). I am no designer either - but i love drawing:P

    Thanks! I can't wait!

    sadly i can't find them... but i hope to make some time to do some in the near future:)! i'll share then:D

    Would love to see them! Maybe when winter sets in you will have some extra time. That is when I am less busy.

    Sorry, I had a hard time finding the doll! Besides boys stuff are harder! Glad you like this though! Thanks for stopping by!

    This is really neat! I can see where this could be useful as a rainy day type box as well (or the "oh crap, the internet is out" box). I have two daughters and sometimes keeping them occupied indoors is a challenge.

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    Yes, in box is a great idea also. If you make one please share pictures. My grandkids are grown and I did not have any kids close by to take pictures of kids playing with them. Thanks for taking the time to comment.