Step 5: How to Make a Pattern From Doll Clothes

Here is how I make doll clothes patterns not that it is the best way but it is the way I do it.

It helps to measure the bust, waist and hips of the doll to be accurate and adjust for the seams so it will have a perfect fit,  a tape measure will be useful. 

You can either use the doll clothes as a pattern or the doll.

The pictures explain how to mark the pattern.

I used a seam ripper on the halter  top to open the part that goes around the neck so the top would lay flat.

This skirt is not made very well and was not a very good pattern.

Place the skirt on the fold of the fabric and mark to cut it.

The top is done the same way using a single layer of fabric.

Mark your pieces before the trip and cut out just enough that you are not taking a large piece of fabric on the trip. You leave enough for the kids to cut out the pattern. This adds more work taking longer to do.

The long skirt pattern was made by laying the doll on the fabric and marking it larger than the dolls waist, thighs, and hem line to allow for seams.

My skirt was just a tad bit small around the waist, but for a doll skirt I did not go back and cut another one.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope your day shines.<br>sunshiine~
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a beautiful day! <br>sunshiine
1st; YOU SOOOO ROCK OUTLOUD!!!!!!! 2nd: I can so sympathise with you! I have 5 kids myself, 7 even when they've gone threw all they ring, &amp; have evn traded activities, it's always great to have an ace in the whole!! We hide our extra crafts for when that oppertune momment presentss it'self &amp; everything eles has lost it's luster 7 go for rts&amp;crafts make quick!!! awesome job Mamma!!! lol :)
Thanks for leaving me such an encouraging message. I really enjoyed making this. I know any kid would love this. Please look at some of my other pages as I have just made plastic cheese and it is pretty fun. I am waiting for it to dry to make something from it. Thanks again! Sunshiine
wooow i love this kind of stuff!! it's on my &quot;to do&quot; loooong list. I had a long time ago a lot of drawings with dresses and clothes designed by me...:)) (i wanted to became a designer)...
How wonderful! I am no designer but would love to see your stuff. Thank you for taking the time to share. These were so fun to make.
i hope i can still find some of my drawings (if so i'll share!:P). I am no designer either - but i love drawing:P
Thanks! I can't wait!
sadly i can't find them... but i hope to make some time to do some in the near future:)! i'll share then:D
Would love to see them! Maybe when winter sets in you will have some extra time. That is when I am less busy.
Where's the GI joes? HA! 5 stars anyway.
Sorry, I had a hard time finding the doll! Besides boys stuff are harder! Glad you like this though! Thanks for stopping by!
YAY!!!!! We both made the final cut! ;-D
Oh how kewl!
This is really neat! I can see where this could be useful as a rainy day type box as well (or the &quot;oh crap, the internet is out&quot; box). I have two daughters and sometimes keeping them occupied indoors is a challenge.
Yes, in box is a great idea also. If you make one please share pictures. My grandkids are grown and I did not have any kids close by to take pictures of kids playing with them. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Thanks Mary!

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