Kids Log Step Stool





Introduction: Kids Log Step Stool

Building a small stepping stool for my boys from an old log.



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    Very cool. I've got a pile of logs that I've been eyeballing for stuff just like this. I really like the way your stool turned out!

    How do you like that thickness planer? I plan to buy the exact same model very soon.

    I love it, its one of the most used tools in my shop. It usually does a great job but with this particular project being so thick and short in length i had some pretty bad snipe that i needed to sand out, but generally its amazing and if it broke down tomorrow i would buy the same one again.

    If you're interested in the dust separator hooked up to it in the video you can see that build here


    Hey, I've loved all of your projects. Very good stuff!

    This is so cool! If you have any pictures of any of the techniques used to make this is love to learn more!

    Seems to be an issue on the mobile site. when i view it on the desktop it shows the video. Here is a direct link

    That really weird I emeded a video of the build, but it's only showing it as a pic.