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Introduction: Kids Magic Science Trick, Air Magic Science Tricks, Water Magic

Kids Magic Science Trick - Suck water out of a bowl with air, magic science trick for kids. Kids Magic Science Tricks. Matchstix, water and air kids science magic tricks.... What you will need: 1) A bowl 2) Two matches 3) Clear glass 4) A coin



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    can you pls explain on what principle this works and how i can explain why this happens to my friends for my science expo


    OMG! It really works :D tnx guys! I have a project on Physics now wooohooo!!!! :D

    Terrific! I used a birthday candle and just melted some wax onto the coin to get it to stay up. I also discovered that too much water didn't work for me. about 1/2 cup is good . . . Thanks so much for sharing this!

    Thats really cool! how much can you get it to take up? like will it only go up those few cms? well done!

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    It depends on the amount of matchsticks (candles) work well too. It can probably go up more.

    Actually, it depends on how much Oxygen is in the air contained in the glass. The oxygen is consumed by the fire, and therefore the volume of 'air' is reduced. Adding more matches wouldn't raise the level, as they would go out as soon as all of the oxygen in the glass is consumed.

    wrong but nice try, most people think that because it runs out of oxygen it creates a vacuum sucking up the water but you can get a higher level of water if you use 2 candles proving that this theory is wrong. its more thermodynamics involved in this small experiment. the air inside the glass is heated by the candle burning inside it making the air inside increase its volume but as the level of oxygen decreases the candle goes out. when the candle goes out the air inside starts to decrease its volume from cooling and creates a vacuum inside. the air pressure outside the glass then pushes the water inside in an attempt to equalise the pressure. when the pressure has equalised the flow of water into the cup stops. the more heat is put into the air the more it expands and the more water is put into it. so 2 candles, even if they burn for a shorter time still puts more energy into the air inside the glass. but this works only to a point because of the amount of oxygen in the glass eventually will become too limiting to sustain a large flame.

    the origional theory would work if your were to burn a metal, ie magnesium

    That's right, in fact,if you use a plastic picnic plate, you can get the glass to "suction" itself to the plate and actually lift the plate using the stem of the glass


    yezza .. it is cool ... but it is only a simple to understand like exocet said... it have been at my school experiment about 'air'.... this magic for kid only ....any way... that "CooL".... goood job -D

    don't understand what your saying

    wowcool got to try it sometime, maybe when my friend comes over

    cool is that like a vacuum?

    Yes it is fun to do. Give it a try