Picture of Kids Night Light
Easy make, kid friendly night light, this gives the kiddies independence of turning the light on or off on their own and has a fun appearance. The best bit of the design is the lack of a traditional on/off switch as it is operated by a magnetic reed switch, see the video below.

Magnet = £2.50 each set (I used alarm contacts)
Duck = £1.25 each (ebay)
LED's = 4p each (ebay)
Base = free (ofcuts and treasure found in garage)

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Step 1: Magnet in duck

Picture of Magnet in duck
  • Drill a hole the same diameter as the magnetic contact mine required Ø15mm. Place it in the middle of the bottom of the duck. I used a hole saw in a cordless drill.
  • You must ensure you use the contact without the wires on.
  • The magnet is held in by friction, however if you want a more permanent fixing use hot glue

Step 2: Base - cutting the squares

Picture of Base - cutting the squares
  • Cut MDF into 120 x 120mm squares
  • The number of squares depends on the thickness of mdf used and how high you want the pillars
  • I used 22mm thick MDF is it means less cutting and glueing of layers

Step 3: Base - Marking out

Picture of Base - Marking out
  • On three squares use a ruler to cross the corners to find the centre
  • Use a compass to create a Ø120mm circle on the three squares
  • Put these three squares to one side as they will become the top of the pillars later on.

Step 4: Base - Cutting the holes

Picture of Base - Cutting the holes
  • Cross the corners to find the centre.
  • Using an adjustable hole saw / Fly cutter create a Ø100mm hole in all the layers of MDF
  • I used a hand drill, however i would recommend using a pillar drill set to a slow speed as its a bit safer.
  • If you do not have the above tools you could use a coping saw or electric jigsaw to create the holes

Step 5: Base - Glue

Picture of Base - Glue
  • Using PVA wood glue stic the layers together until you reach the desired height
  • You must ensure that the holes are aligned and not the outside edges
  • Stick the top layer on that you marked out earlier
And how many innocent ducks were harmed simply for you pleasure - how would you like a 20mm hole saw in your...??? (don't answer that one).
.... Excellent job jonny!
jonnyd55 (author)  I am in the shed!3 years ago
no innocent ducks were hurt, however, three guilty ducks were tortured.....their crime........annoying sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. the judge felt an asbo was not strong enough punishment so they were sentenced to the full 20mm!
SIRJAMES093 years ago
As Usual Sir, you hit a home run with this project. :)

This is awesome!! I'll have to make a set of these for my grand babies!! TY again for sharing.
jonnyd55 (author)  SIRJAMES093 years ago
Hi, thanks for the comment, if you do make them send me a picture :) jonny
Yes Sir I will. :)
ChrysN3 years ago
They look awesome, great for the kids!
jonnyd55 (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks :)
canucksgirl3 years ago
Wow. That is so cute!!! - The yellow one looks the best as its the most bright, but maybe the little ones can work from a yellow to a less bright one as they grow up.

Great job!