Kids Paper Spring Pony





Introduction: Kids Paper Spring Pony

Anyone who looks after kids has probably come to the conclusion that activities are an ace way to keep kids occupied on a rainy afternoon.

Here is a fun and quick activity that doesn't take too much time.

To follow along print out the Make your own springy horse image.

Step 1: Colour In

Coloring in times are fun.

I think a good thing to discuss with kids would be about horses look like and if they know what horses are called if they have different colors.

Skewbald is chestnut and white
Piebald is black and white which is also the color of a zebra.

Step 2: Cut Out

Cut along the black lines.
This might be a good idea for a grown up to cut out unless you have a very dexterous kid.

Step 3: Braid the Strips of Paper

Make an L shape with two ends of the long peaces of paper you just cut out.

With the under strip fold it over and replete this process until you no longer have any paper left.
You should be left with something like a paper spring. :)

Step 4: Glue Time

Glue the paper spring to the front and back part of the horse.

Step 5: Fun Time

Make a few paper horses and you have a small herd to play with.

This little fella is called Timothy and he likes bananas and slides.



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    It pretty much just stands there and acts as a toy for kids to play with.
    I think the main point of it is the makeing of it which has proven to keep kids occupied for at least a little while.