What to do with leftover wood from a deck? Make something to put on it! The table is big enough to seat six kids and treated deck boards are perfect for an outside table.

Tools used:

Miter saw

Electric Drill




Exterior 2" screws (since I had them) - shorter would be better so you don't have to angle to prevent coming out of the second of the two boards screwed together.

Deck boards (1"x5.4"x16')

Total time: ~2 hours depending on how good your math skills are :)

Step 1: Figure Out Dimensions!

Mine was sized based on the amount of wood I had left and I spent a bit of time measuring the children to make sure the seats were in the right spot.

Table top length (4 pieces): 60"

Seats (2): 60"

Seat supports (2): 38" long

Legs (4 cut at 30 degrees): 30", angled at both ends.

Seat height: 9" from top of seat to tabletop, 2 1/2" offset outwards. 16 1/2" from ground.

Table top height: 27" from ground.

Some rough sketches and its time to cut!

<p>This is great! We need one of these for our backyard :)</p>

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