Kids Racing Runner



Introduction: Kids Racing Runner

For my sons second birthday, we were a little tight on money but we wanted him to have the best little , hotwheels birthday party ever! I searched and searched pre-made outside runners but they were all crazy expensive so that gave me the idea of simply making him one !!

The cost is under 5 dollars ( mine $0 because I already had the materials :)


1 roll of white duct tape
1 black nylon tablecloth (dollar tree)

Step 1:

Now this is crazyyyyy simple all you have to do is pick any area in where you want to make your racing street runner, I recommend the front door, a little area by the presents or you can even use it as a runner from the outside in. Now lay the table cloth and start duct taping the sides down. Now the middle pre measure pieces of tape down the middle , you can use the crease of the tablecloth as a guide .... And your done!!!! Easy enough huh? Bday parties don't have to be expensive , they just need to be fun :)

After opening gifts, the kids used it as their own runway and played with their cars and to take pics.



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