Step 5: The Competed Costume

***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

To complete the costumes we used black thermal underwear for the jumpsuit. Hope you guys like the result. Have fun.
gigibugs3 years ago
THANK YOU for this- I followed these instructions fairly closely and made my 3- year old an awesome costume this year. Looks great! I did have to modify a few things simply because he is three. I made the helmet and he won't wear it (bummer) so I ripped it back apart and he's better with just the mask.
Thanks again! Will add images soon!
cpalmer33 years ago
I had the same idea! I wanted to use craft foam to make the armor for my boyfriend's stormtrooper costume, but I didn't know how well it would work. Now I have a guide to help me along! Thanks for sharing!
sedica5 years ago
holy crap! that is so clever and such a cool kids costume! 
sammcj5 years ago
 These are great!  Nice work!  Your kids must have been thrilled.  Obviously the costumes are far and above what you would buy at the store but better yet theres that added dimension of having a parent spend the time and effort to make their halloween so memorable.
hugedom5 years ago

They look awesome and the idea could be transferred to the clone troopers and many others.   Very sweet.

Of course it does not reach the quality standards of a good stormtrooper suit, but for two kids in a Halloween night, they are quite good (and sure funny too)