Kids Time Out Chair





Introduction: Kids Time Out Chair

kids time out chair

Step 1: Coke Bottles

Two 2-Liter Soda Bottles
3 Table Lets Made From 2" by 2" Wood
2 12-Inch Plywood Rounds
Six 3-inch screws
Wood glue & Superglue
2 Plastic Pot Bases
Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape
X-Acto Knife or Utility Knife
Some Scissors

Step 2: Assembly

Measure 7 inches from each bottle. Wrap your tape around each liter (to cut as straight as possible).
Cut 7-inches per bottle.
Glue your bottle Caps together. Drill ¼ Inch Wide Holes in the Caps.
Connect the bottle caps to the 2-liter.
Center that Hourglass on your planter pot base & Superglue.
Let that dry.
Put your salt in. One full container of salt (1 lb) is 4 minutes!
Superglue your top planter base on the final side.

Step 3: Final Steps

Place your three legs on one rounded plywood piece and trace the based of each leg.
Find the center of each and mark it with a pencil.
Then, putting the plaques on top of each other, drill through both (so you have perfectly matched holes).
Run screws through the plaque and into the table leg on one side only.
Center the hourglasss in the middle, and glue in place.
Put glue on the hourglass top plant base.
Screw the final three holes and paint!



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haaahaaa! Glorious! Sending it to my sister ASAP. Her four kids need this from time to time (out).

I've updated the steps, sorry for the wait

Mwahahaha! I can see my 4 year old nephew sitting on this when he is naughty, pouting with his head between his knees attempting to will the sand to go faster. I SO NEED to make this! Can't wait for the full steps!

yes the sand can go faster or slower. depending on how big of a whole you drill, or also the amount of salt you put in

hi everyone body I'm new to instructables. I wasnt sure if too many people were into this. but now that I see people are interested, I will soon upload a full step by step instruct able.

Yeah I can't find the other steps

Yeah I can't find the other ssteps

where is the other steps ?