Kids Wanting Six Pack Abs




Introduction: Kids Wanting Six Pack Abs

With Raw Vegan diet of fruits and vegetables, even
12 year old children can get six pack abs.

it takes 90 to 180 days, depending on body fat earlier.

Please see YouTube link:

Important information:

1. Vegan diet also does not burden a child with unnecessary calories, that can cause Type 1 diabetes in children.

2. Vegan diet also does not burden them with animal cholesterol, leading again to increased fat and heart related complication.

Hope you all with feed your children with God given organic foods and not synthetic foods, which only savour the taste buds, but are the reason for today's diseases.

So go ahead! 3D print an electrifying robot body - with this "hot food", bicycles, strings and what not!



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    sorry buddy, vegan diets do nothing to create six pack abs. My in-laws are vegan and while they are thin, the do not have six packs. My "n" of two doubles your "n" of 1. Following your logic, I just proved your theory wrong. Now taking things further, two of their children who eat meat and animal products have six pack abs. One actually has an 8 pack but that is besides the point. Since they eat meat, then I edict that if you want a six pack or even an 8 pack then you must eat meat. Thus I prove that a carnivore diet created their six packs. Even better....I bet if I eat them I can have a 12 pack. Mmmmmm