This is a fun fishing game for kids that can also be used as an excellent educational and/or fundraising tool. It can also be used just for FUN.

I homeschooled my children and I was always trying to come up with fun educational things for them to do. This fishing game can be used with kids from preschool to high school.  The youngest children can learn basic colors and shapes, then move up to learning the alphabet, reading and on and on. This may not help when it is time for their doctoral dissertation, then again, maybe it will. ;-))

The game is simple to make and this instructable will guide you through some of the educational objectives.


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Step 1: Materials and Tools


1” dowel or broomstick

3”X 3” 1” piece of wood

¾” X ¾” X 3” scrap of wood

2  small screw eyes

2 ½ “bolt with nut and washer

10-12’ of string

1 small rare earth magnet

1 small washer

Paper clips

Several colors of fun foam


White glue

CA glue

tape electrical and duct 


Lathe (or drill)



Needle nose pliers

Sander (or sand paper)


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