Picture of Kids summer Trend
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Here I show you my own creation with pink and white combination.This is a  very smart and a straight cut skirt. This Red blouse does not go along with  this pretty skirt.Oh! this little girl  was so grumpy and tired after school  and I had to some how click a photo with what ever she was wearing as I am leaving on holidays tomorrow. Even though I am on holidays Instructable goes along with me.ha ha I can not live with out,so addicted..Scroll down to view my beautiful skirt
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Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements
Cotton fabric of your choice
White Cotton lace fabric
Thread to match the fabrics -not in picture
Hand sewing needle - not in picture
White Baby ribbon
White crochet thread
1 White button
Measuring tape
1 Sheet square paper
Sewing machine -not in picture

Step 2: Creating my dream design

Picture of Creating my dream design
From the time I learnt my embroidery I had in mind to do a dress or a skirt for a kid .This contest gave me the opportunity to draw my dream design and sew  for a 6 year old girl

Step 3: Measure

Picture of Measure
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First take the waist and length measurements.It depends on how long you want the skirt to be.When it is a bit shorter above the knee it is very pretty for the girls in the age of  4-8 years.
Zai Rameez1 year ago
nyz..... combination well sitched..... :)
Very artistic pattern, beautiful skirt well tailored .
786Ayesha (author)  zeenahmalhar1 year ago
Thank you. Pl vote
Sooooo cute!
786Ayesha (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago
786Ayesha (author) 1 year ago
Thanks you .
Ham131 year ago
This is very unique .cute and classy.voted
shizy251 year ago
AWWWww how cute!