Introduction: Kids Summer Trend

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Here I show you my own creation with pink and white combination.This is a  very smart and a straight cut skirt. This Red blouse does not go along with  this pretty skirt.Oh! this little girl  was so grumpy and tired after school  and I had to some how click a photo with what ever she was wearing as I am leaving on holidays tomorrow. Even though I am on holidays Instructable goes along with me.ha ha I can not live with out,so addicted..Scroll down to view my beautiful skirt

Step 1: Requirements

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Cotton fabric of your choice
White Cotton lace fabric
Thread to match the fabrics -not in picture
Hand sewing needle - not in picture
White Baby ribbon
White crochet thread
1 White button
Measuring tape
1 Sheet square paper
Sewing machine -not in picture

Step 2: Creating My Dream Design

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From the time I learnt my embroidery I had in mind to do a dress or a skirt for a kid .This contest gave me the opportunity to draw my dream design and sew  for a 6 year old girl

Step 3: Measure

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First take the waist and length measurements.It depends on how long you want the skirt to be.When it is a bit shorter above the knee it is very pretty for the girls in the age of  4-8 years.

Step 4: Cut

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 Spread out the material and mark the measurements you want to cut.I have marked it with a pin.Then I cut 8 bands / strips in the size of 3 1/2 x 14 inches including sewing allowance  1/4 inch  on all sides.Cut out another waist band to the size of 2 1/2 x 26 inches,this too  is with sewing allowance.Fold in  1/4 inches on both side and sew the hem on all  8 bands /strips

Step 5: Create Kutch Work Design

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Creat your design on a square paper.I have shown in detail about this work in one of my previous  instructable.You can view it in this instructable. You need to create only a straight row .Pin the two strips  on to both edges of the drawn design on  square paper.Leave about 1/2 an inch on top to attatch the waist band.Then do a tacking stich and continue doing the Kutch work in the middle.

Step 6: Zig Zag

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You can view this sewing method in step 5 in my instructable I did four sets and attatched all of them to gether.If you want you can do them one by one too.

You can decide as how long you want to have the slit depending on the length of the skirt.

Step 7: Join Together

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Lay the white hakoba lace fabric flat on a surface,fold  in to two and cut out the white inner skirt ,a little bit longer than the outer skirt and the width  has to be double in size than  the pink  fabric. (53''x 16'')Frill the white fabric and attatch to gether with the pink fabric. I did a tacking stitch by hand first and then sewed both together.
If you have use a nice scalloped  lace inner fabrick it will be nice.

Step 8: Waist Band

Picture of Waist Band

Sew the waist band leaving out extra about 3/4 to 1 inch on the left side.This is to overlap.

Step 9: Button Hole

Picture of Button Hole

Over lap  the waist band left over right and mark the button hole.After sewing the button hole carefully slit the button hole.Sew the button hole on to the right side.

Step 10: Join Pink

Picture of Join Pink

Ta! da!  almost done.Place the skirt flat and on the back side,  pin the left over right and join only in the middle ,leaving space for the slit and on top about 2 inches as only with the button opening  it is not enough to wear the skirt. Watch out ,the under skirt -do not sew together.

Step 11: Join White

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Open out  the skirt on to the wrong side and join the white skirt over laping left over right ,leaving space  on top about 2 inches.If you want you can leave for the slit or sew it straight down.  Now fold in 1/4 inches and sew the pink and white hem..

Step 12: Front /Back

Picture of Front /Back

Step 13: Bows

Picture of Bows

Make tiny little bows and attach it around at the edge of the slit.I love bows and they are my favourite to sew on little girls dresses. Bows make it more prettier on any dresses.


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Very artistic pattern, beautiful skirt well tailored .

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Sooooo cute!


786Ayesha (author)2013-05-02

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This is very unique .cute and classy.voted

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AWWWww how cute!

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