This is a fun set of toy tools I made for the kids that come to play in my shop everyday. My shop has become a communal play area.

I am also getting some practice making tools. I haven’t made any for a while. Last year, all of my custom made hand tools were stolen (along with some new power tools). Within the next month or so I will make a complete set of real handtools.

If you like this PLEASE vote for me. I really would like to win a camera so I can stop borrowing one to post instructables.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


I made this primarily from scrap wood around the shop,

The entire set can be made from a 2X6 board.

Plus18” of 1”dowel & 8” of ½ inch dowel










<p>great for the kids!</p>
<p>These are amazing, I have a 2yr old helper that will be so excited to have her own toolbox to help daddy with, I can't wait to see her face when she gets them for Christmas. Have you made any additions to the tools recently?</p>
Just looking at stuff to make with my little man he sees this and let's go make them I need them
Lovely! I think I might even be able to do this! My boyfriend is an ICT specialist/woodworker and he turned our attic into his own shop. Until now he was the one to make wooden stuff, but I might 'borrow' the attic and ask for some help to make this :)
Thank you. I think you can do this. Good luck. I really like your projects.
Really great stuff, way to go to all the effort of posting all the different tools and patterns. The other day I was thinking about building some of these for my kid, and now I see this. Voting.
Thank you. I am glad you like it. I just decided that the set should have a hand drill. I will add it when I add the other new tools.
Fun toys for the kids! Do you have more wood toy projects? They're my fave!
I am currently working on 30 of them! I will post the pdf pattern for these today.
Yay! I like wood toy projects too! So classic :)
Great! I am trying to post another one today, but, the site is having lot's of issues. Soon.
These are so cool!
Thank you.
These are great! Nice job! <br>
Coming from you that is a great compliment!

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