Picture of Kids wooden tool set UPDATED new tool

This is a fun set of toy tools I made for the kids that come to play in my shop everyday. My shop has become a communal play area.

I am also getting some practice making tools. I haven’t made any for a while. Last year, all of my custom made hand tools were stolen (along with some new power tools). Within the next month or so I will make a complete set of real handtools.

If you like this PLEASE vote for me. I really would like to win a camera so I can stop borrowing one to post instructables.

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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of materials and tools


I made this primarily from scrap wood around the shop,

The entire set can be made from a 2X6 board.

Plus18” of 1”dowel & 8” of ½ inch dowel










Step 2: Toolbox

Picture of toolbox

Trace the end piece pattern onto a piece of wood and cut two stacked pieces at once, with a band saw.

Measure The thickness of your dowel. Then using a bit just a hair larger drill a hole in the stacked end pieces.

Round over the top edge of the sides with the router

Glue the bottom to the end pieces

Put glue on the edges of the side pieces, then clamp it all together

Push the dowel through the hole in one end piece, but stop just before the dowel goes into the second end piece. Spread wood glue on both ends of the dowel. Now push the dowel the rest of the way into the end piece. Clean up any glue squeeze out.

That is a nice looking box!

wooddaddy3 months ago
Just looking at stuff to make with my little man he sees this and let's go make them I need them
Lovely! I think I might even be able to do this! My boyfriend is an ICT specialist/woodworker and he turned our attic into his own shop. Until now he was the one to make wooden stuff, but I might 'borrow' the attic and ask for some help to make this :)
artlife (author)  SanneLaurenssen1 year ago
Thank you. I think you can do this. Good luck. I really like your projects.
ardnon1 year ago
Really great stuff, way to go to all the effort of posting all the different tools and patterns. The other day I was thinking about building some of these for my kid, and now I see this. Voting.
artlife (author)  ardnon1 year ago
Thank you. I am glad you like it. I just decided that the set should have a hand drill. I will add it when I add the other new tools.
Fun toys for the kids! Do you have more wood toy projects? They're my fave!
artlife (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
I am currently working on 30 of them! I will post the pdf pattern for these today.
Yay! I like wood toy projects too! So classic :)
artlife (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Great! I am trying to post another one today, but, the site is having lot's of issues. Soon.
bakunin1 year ago
These are so cool!
artlife (author)  bakunin1 year ago
Thank you.
These are great! Nice job!
artlife (author)  SlickSqueegie1 year ago
Coming from you that is a great compliment!