Introduction: Kill an Apple

Picture of Kill an Apple

Make him pay for being mealy!!

Please vote for me in the healthy eating contest ( we don't need to be eating mealy apples )

Step 1: Choose Your Weapon

Picture of Choose Your Weapon

Choose your weapon of mass destruction... I'm choosing this nice knife ( if u don't notice that I'm pointing to it in the picture u need glasses)

Step 2: Getting the Vantage Point

Picture of Getting the Vantage Point

Sneak up on your victim from behind, mwahaha

Step 3: Finish Him!

Picture of Finish Him!

FINISH HIM!! or her i can't control over the gender of your apple

Step 4: The Memorial

Sneak into the back of mr. Apples memorial with a creepy robe on and smile creepily like your about to pull a prank on your bother... Or sister like I said I don't have control over gender ( that's gods responsibility I'm already flailing in math )


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