Kill AntBeds for GOOD!





Introduction: Kill AntBeds for GOOD!

This technique shows you how to kill and antbed and keep ants from making beds on your lawn. VERY EASY!



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    Sounds like it was good while it lasted but it's gone now.

    Another idea comes from an old Seminole legend: take a shovel-full of dirt/ants from one colony and dump it onto another, unrelated colony. Do the same in reverse. (This will either take two people or one person with two buckets. :-) ) Being that ants--fire ants especially--are extremely territorial, the object here is to get the ants to kill each other.

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    How long does it usually take for the ants to kill off one another?

    house woud blo up(if it was in your backyard or something:-|)

    Or you could just set an m80 in the ant hill and remotely detonate it. BOOM. All gone. But then you'll have to fill in a crater.

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    another bad thing about that is that ants will fly everywhere, and possibly on you.

    if you were to be in the explosions range......

    I worked extremely hard on the last shot for Mort's Rugrat Orphanage in Uptown Minneapolis, and honestly they are all usually really nice around there, but then THAT GUY has to swipe a copy of the build scripts, which are ALL wrong, and now it's just a celebration featuring "the death of anotha brotha" if you can even stomach that approach.

    I love you guys a lot but we can still hear you when you jabber, and you couldn't be any less coordinated in our not very humble opinions. Even if you poke out your eye, consequences will never be the same, so be CAREFUL out there.

    I use Malathion. They are dead within the day.

    Wow, thats a great idea!

    I would of never thought of it myself.

    Perfect! I dislike the poisons, but hate the fire ants. I have had good luck with plain boiling water poured directly on the mound (several applications) but I could just see clumsy me burning myself one day. Your solution is so simple and elegant! Thank you!

    That's really claver and ironic. You're using the thing that keeps them alive to kill them. Ants are meant to be aggressive and attack anything and everything in sight, that how they feed and protect themselves but I never thought of using that against them. Ants will find openings in any enemy and try to kill it from the inside out so it's a really claver idea.

    Thanks for the Tip ! 5*****

    Thanks for the tip, mowing was getting dangerous:)

    this really works....after seeing the vid I tried it on a bed of ants.....all gone!! thanks