Picture of Killer Bunny Robot Hat
Cute little bunny hat with KILLER red eyes! Press its little pink nose and the robot eyeballs light up!

I made these for a friend, her husband, and their almost-here daughter. Some of the pictures, therefore, show more parts than are needed for one hat, but for simplicity I'm going to write it up as just one hat. So when you see a pile of six ears, you'll know it's not a six-eared bunny (not that there'd be anything wrong with that) that later dropped 4 of them, or anything.


  • 3V coin cell battery
  • 2 red LEDs (cheap crappy Radio Shack kind are just fine)
  • 1 big white turtleneck
  • white felt for backing
  • pink felt for nose, ear insides
  • regular thread: white, pink
  • conductive thread
  • little bit o' stuffing

  • hand needle that fits the conductive thread
  • scissors
  • needle nose pliers
  • sewing machine
  • tape measure
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Step 1: Cutting out ears and hat

Cut the shirt apart on the seams. Cut the turtleneck off carefully, this will become the hat 'brim'. Cut it lengthwise at a nice brim height, plus a little for seam allowance.

Draw a hat pattern on the bottom of the shirt: a rectangle a little smaller than the circumference of the head it's for, with four triangles along the top. The triangles create the rounded head shape, and give us someplace to attach the ears. Cut this out with a little extra around the edges for the seam.

Cut ear shapes out of pink felt and fabric. For each ear, cut 1 felt and 2 fabric. Add seam allowances around the edges of the fabric - I didn't do this and had to cut the felt down a little afterward. Benefit from my error!
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Great! Cool, cute and creepy at the same time!
And with clear instructions.
I wonder how your killer bunnies would get along with my cyborg zombies feeding on “dead” batteries?
canida6 years ago
I think you need a better picture of the evil eyes - maybe a dark room shot?
i agree...especially while somebody is wearing it.
rachel (author)  Weissensteinburg6 years ago
Yeah, I didn't think to take a picture on someone before I gave them away. As soon as the recipients get me a picture I will post it, but it might be a little while as they're about to have a baby.
goosezilla6 years ago
Bam21696 years ago
hahaha this would look great on my kid :P
RADIO SHACK LED's are NOT crappy...
randofo6 years ago
This is pretty awesome. I have a bear hat that has red eyes that flash when you press its paw. Of course, I inherited it and didn't make it myself. I will have to show you someday.