Killer Crab Dip

Picture of Killer Crab Dip
This quick and easy recipe is sure to be a party pleaser for any occasion
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Step 1: Ingridients

Picture of Ingridients
1 12oz. bottle of cocktail sauce

2 8oz. packages of plain cream cheese

1 8oz. package of imitation crab meat or the real crab meat (i use imitation cause its cheap)

Step 2: Making of the dip

Picture of Making of the dip
Now the easy part...

Start by chopping up the crab meat into chunks. (not tiny shreds!)

Add the sauce (entire bottle) and cream cheese + meat and mix well with a slow mixer until dip is pink and well mixed.

Step 3: Mmmmmmmmm

Picture of Mmmmmmmmm
Serve cold with crackers and enjoy

keep refrigerated...this stuff will stay good for about three weeks!
bumsugger7 years ago
"Imitation" crab meat...................,whats' wrong with R-E-A-L crabmeat?? If you mean those disgusting crab "sticks" as we know them in the UK,they are made from shreds of crab tissue mechanically recovered from the process of converting the crabs into food items,dipped in "crab flavoured" water,and then formed into shapes for purchase,Y-E-U-K !
Actually, imitation crabmeat, or "surimi", is made from white-fleshed fish such as haddock, and flavored with natural and artificial flavoring. I'm sure those flavors are derived, in part, from extracts of the shells ( at a guess, they probably boil and/or steam them). But, you know, when I make (for instance) shrimp cocktail, I peel the shrimp, boil the shells by themselves to extract the flavor, and then cook the shrimp in the resultant broth--it amps up the flavor of the shrimp quite a bit. So if the manufacturers of surimi use a similar process, I say, more power to 'em! & yes, I add Old Bay. I wouldn't cook seafood without it.
By the way, after a bit of time in the fridge, this stuff became extremely addicting. I made way too much and a huuuuge mixing bowl and a large tupperware container quickly disappeared unfortunately. Good stuff
kttecatt6 years ago
My Grandmother always put out a shrimp/cream cheese/cocktail dip for parties. She used a pretty, flat dish; spread cr. ch. in the bottome of it, lightly covered that with a layer of cocktail sauce, and spread shredded/torn shrimp over that. Served with crackers, it was delicious and is still one of my favorite treats when I have company.
Rednecker52 (author) 6 years ago
experiment with amounts until u get the right amount to how u like it and this will make about enough for 4-8 people.
How much will this make?
I made this earlier today. It makes a lot. Its not bad, but I felt that there was too much cocktail sauce in it. I used MD Blue Crab meat (We had some from last season) and threw in some Old Bay seasoning. The cocktail sauce just comes in overly strong when you taste it.
Lighten up, guys! When you live far from the coast crab is very dear and a lot of us can't afford it. Just use what you like and/or can afford. I have had this with shrimp too, but I would recommend mixing the cream cheese and cocktail sauce together and then folding in the shrimp. : )
Tobita7 years ago
hmm, for a crab dip, i boil tomatoes until the skin peels off completely then strain them then turn it into a tomato sauce then in a separate pot, boil water then add the carcass of a crab then let it boil until it has a STRONG taste, add salt, tobasco, and cream, then mix the tomato sauce and the bisque like thing then let it reduce.
Rednecker52 (author) 7 years ago
and is NOT lethal it just tastes very very very good.
Rednecker52 (author) 7 years ago
gmoon7 years ago
I'd be too afraid of the Killer Crab to try this...
xrobevansx7 years ago
fake crab? blecccchhhh.
John Smith7 years ago dip!