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If you are growing tomatoes and herbs this summer, don't let even one of them go to waste.  This is a wonderful recipe that I freeze for the winter.  Go GREEN and share your salsa with neighbors and people at work that you would not otherwise get a chance to meet.  Inspire the growing trend of gardening locally to save money and eat fresh!  Enjoy, this recipe is dedicated to Mama who said she likes it HOT!! 
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Step 1: Chop, Chop, Chop

Picture of Chop, Chop, Chop
Easy peasey.  Do not under estimate though.  When you think you have quite enough, chop twice as much.  There are friends to feed and people to meet!

In this recipe I chopped:

2 Tomatoes in every color (Red, Yellow and don't be afraid of the green ones!)

Jalapeños and/or pepperonis (banana peppers)

Herbs...everything I could find in my garden with an emphasis on the Cilantro.

Onions (or scallions)

Garlic is you like...I had to leave this out because my husband (thinks) he does not care for it 

Step 2:

Picture of
Salt while on the cutting board to reduce too much disturbing stirring.  Throw into a bowl (I didn't have one large enough, thus the PIC of a pot).  Then I salt one more time and add a splash of Olive oil, honey to taste and apx. 2 cap fulls of lime or lemon juice per large tomato and fresh ground pepper.

Step 3: Taste to assure it meets Mamas HOT regulations...

Picture of Taste to assure it meets Mamas HOT regulations...
Play with the ingredients but remember an hour in the fridge will change the taste...chilled is always better.

Step 4: Serve to your testers (guinea pigs)

Don't pass by those avacados right now, and pick up some pitas or flat bread for dipping

Step 5: Freeze in baggies

Picture of Freeze in baggies
Enjoy this all year long!
rawrmk2 years ago
NikonDork4 years ago
Looks really tasty! Remember to wash veggies very well. I just read that fresh salsa was one food that people seem to get e.coli from all the time. The reason? Veggies that weren't washed properly.
thatkingcole (author)  NikonDork4 years ago
Excellent point! Even though these are from my garden, my husband (against my wishes) uses chemicals...there are many natural ways that I have read here that are better options. Thanks for posting that!
l8nite4 years ago
that looks GOOD ! ! My parents both say...oooh I dont like garlic.... to bad... I cook with garlic, deal with it or do like you told me growing up.. Do with out ! Thats not really as cruel as it sounds because both eat just about everything with gusto, some dishes dad has even requested take home containers...