This is my first tube-supported roller coaster. I had asked people of instructables which elements to choose. This is the layout: Zero-g roll, cutback, hill, and helix. I had to put chain at the end to take the car back to the lift hill.  
Nice micro coaster! =D
Thanks! BUt it's NO WHERE near as good as my others.
Still looks cool, my favourites Diving Eagle! =D
thanks! Just wait till my next one! ;-)
lawl my helix is so wobbly
Support it! :-) Either with box supports or tubes
can u send me a list of parts and instructions a.s.a.p thanks <br> <br>send to chris _beu@hotmail.co.uk <br>
I took this down MONTHS ago. If any of my creations are slideshows then there isn't a piece count or instructions.
wouw, i like youre helix <br> <br>can i use him to?
Grammar lesson. Him is a male person. IT is a thing.<br>Can I use IT to. :-)<br><br>Sure why not. I'll never be using that again since I invented my track spine.
Video!<br />
sorry it didnt work :-(<br />
rats<br />
this is the best micro rollercoaster ever!!!!<br />
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO<br /> 200th COMMENT!!!!!<br /> <br /> BTW&nbsp;Thanks<br />
i was 200th comment!?&nbsp;AWESOME
Yeah thanks a lot for that. <br />
UR&nbsp;WELCOME<br />
not the best but its a great coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Have you seen flame?<br />
from ss coasters yeh<br />
I'm not a member of ss coasters but I visit it to see the cool coasters people are making.<br />
Looks great man! <br />
Thanks! If you think this is good wait until you see my next one. It will be a hyper style coaster.<br />
Dude, That is one of the smoothest micro knex coasters EVER!!!!!! :D <br /> :D<br /> :D<br /> <br /> <br /> 5*s!
Thanks<br />
Thanks! Wait until my next one!!<br />
thats epic! 5*<br />
Thanks<br /> <br />
no problem! its a pretty cool coaster!<br />
Do the same thing that I told axiys zx a bit higher on this page.<br />
looks very realistic!<br />
Thanks<br /> <br />
I am from Australia but I'm a missionary in Ecuador. Right now it's 1:31<br />
Wow! 5*s <br /> This is by <strong><em>FAR</em></strong> the best micro coaster!<br />
Look for a roller coaster called flame on youtube and you will see the best micro coaster<br />

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