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My problem was that I could never find a high quality mask for a cheap price, and even when I found a high quality mask it was extremely expensive. My solution was 3D printing.

I tried Walmart, Target, Dollar general, and Spirit, but I did not find a mask that was agreeable. In Walmart the masks were too expensive. In Target they were of a bad quality. In Dollar General the masks were a horrible quality and made out of a weak material. The Spirit store had some very nice masks but they were completely overpriced.

I created a mask out of ABS from Sculptris within three hours of work on my computer, and one on sanding and filing.

Things you may need.

Sand paper-150grit

File- one rounded and one straight

Makerbot Replicator 2x


Step 1: Eyes

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On sculptris, you're going to use the drag tool and grab a side on the sphere and drag down.

Step 2: Nose

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You'll do a similar step to this. using the grab tool you'll pull down two small holes for the nose so you can breathe out of the mask.

Step 3: Space for Your Head

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Using the grab tool, pull the back of the sphere into the top and smooth it out so your head fits.

Step 4: Make a Design

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I just put some dots on the eyes and mouth, but you could do whatever you want to it.


seamster (author)2015-11-09

This looks perfectly creepy!

Did you make a version big enough to wear?

D6501 (author)seamster2015-11-10

Thank you. I did make one big enough to wear.

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