KillerK's Pistol W/ Magazine





Introduction: KillerK's Pistol W/ Magazine

Another post of this gun: This one<---- was also made. First of all, it isn't KillerK's gun and, second of all, it isn't semi auto.

KillerK's pistol uses a ball joint connector to launch the bullet further, and guess what, so does this gun.

Shoots 20-30 ft (its obviously less powerful than the original)
Trigger type: Block trigger
Ram: slightly sharpened red rod.
Ammo: White rods
Magazine capasity: 8-11 rods (can be extended, but not recomended)

Pic 1: Gun not loaded.
Pic 2: Gun loaded.

P.S. SRRY FOR BAD PICTURES, im using a cell phone.
P.S.S. Dont worrie credits at the end.
P.P.P.S.S. NEVER MIND! Read this: you have to damage some pieces.

Step 1: Piece Count!

Look at the pictures for the piece count.

Step 2: Barrel/Trigger Part 1

Ok lets get started:

Pic 1: Make this.
Pic 2: Add these on.
Pic 3: Add these too.
Pic 4: Make this.
Pic 5: Slide it on like this.
Pic 6: Add all of these.
Pic 7: Add these too.

Step 3: Handle

This is fairly easy.

Step 4: Magazine Part 1

This is the new magazine (I think). Hopefuly you will all love it and cherish it and say that its clever. _

Pic 1: Make 3 of these.
Pic 2: Make 2 of these.
Pic 3: Attach hem like this.
Pic 4: Add this stuff.
Pic 5: Attach it to the barrel like this.
Pic 6: Another view.
Pic 7: Attach the blue rods and white snowflake.

Step 5: Barrel/Trigger Part 2

Well your this far to at least give me a +1 now. This is the rest of the barrel.

Pic 1: Add these.
Pic 2: Another wiew.

Thats it for barrel part one. YAY! Your so close!

Step 6: Magazine Part 2

Here we are going to finish the magazine.

Pic 1: Make 3 of these.
Pic 2: Make 2 of these.
Pic 3: Put them together like this. (Blah blah blah)
Pic 4: Add these.
Pic 5: Attach it like this.
Pic 6: Another view.
Pic 7: Yet another view.

Step 7: Ram

Ill teach you how to make the ram.

Pic 1: Take this.
Pic 2: Add these.
Pic 3: Tape it. (You better do it)
Pic 4: See this part?
Pic 5: Do this with it.
Pic 6: Insert ram like so, with the tan clip.
Pic 7: Turn the ram to that the tan clip is inside one of the red connectors slots.

Step 8: Ammo Pushy Thingy (Pusher, Right?)

In this step you will learn to make the pushy thing.

Pic 1: Make 3 of these.
Pic 2: Connect them like this.
Pic 4: It goes in here.
Pic 5: The elastic band goes here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Step 9:

Where to put the elastic bands.

Pic 1: Pushy thing elastic bands. (As seen in Step 8)
Pic 2: Trigger elastic band.
Pic 3: Pull alot of elastic bands from here....
Pic 4: To here.

P.S. Make sure the trigger elastic band is OVER the ram elastic band.

Step 10: Credits!

Here they are:

For original, and clever gun design: KillerK with his gun KillerK's Pistol
For the idea of gun: This person.
For taking the time to build this gun: Me

Hope you like it!!
Leave comments too.



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you took a simple pistol and made it complex i like it

Instead of decapitating those pieces, I used the tan clips with the thingy at the end. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's all based upon the mathematical principle of probability(how likely it is for the piece to be in the right place in the barrel.

why is this in a modification group that can only have true triggers in it?

I'll take it off now... I probably didn't notice.


The mag is huge!

Its not a great gun. But the mag is the best part. VERY sturdy. Build my DD-Kyt its better anyway.