Introduction: (UPDATED) Killerk SR-V2 Mech + My Virsion of the SR-V2

Picture of (UPDATED) Killerk SR-V2  Mech + My Virsion of the SR-V2
this is my first instructable so it might be bad.

This instructable shows you how to build Killer k SR-V2 mech and shows how to build my SR-V.

i must give credit to Killer K for making this awesome gun and to James_Lawrence for parts of his Barrett sniper.

PIECE COUNT is for updated version


red x 28

yellow x 222

grey x 1

orange x 2




green x 243

white x 222

blue x 57

yellow x 6


Other peices

Y x 4

hinge x 1

hinge piece x 2


one BIG rubber band

Good stuff :)
- Shoots long range/ Powerful.
- Very quiet .
- Looks kool.

Bad stuff :(
- Uses lots of pieces.

Step 1: Building the SR-V2 Mech

Picture of Building the SR-V2 Mech

Follow the pics

Step 2: Adding the Mech to the Gun

Picture of Adding the Mech to the Gun

Follow the steps

Step 3: My SR-V2/ Stock

Picture of My SR-V2/ Stock

Follow the steps if you want to build it

Step 4: Handle and Other Parts

Picture of Handle and Other Parts

Follow the pics

Step 5: How to Load

Picture of How to Load

follow the pics


Airsoft Guy (author)2009-12-07

where is the br8 not br18 if you know can you tell me but instuction virsion

Lowney (author)Airsoft Guy2010-01-02

BR8 is exactly the same as the BR18 except it has a different turret.

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-12-08

there is no br8 instruction but there is a br18

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-12-09

 should i make the br18 or zaks bolt action or witch one goes faster 

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-12-09

the br18 has more range but the bolt action goes faster.           
but if u put the pump on the br18 it shoots a bit slower but its not that big of a deal.

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-12-07

i biult your gun but i can't find zaks bolt action can you show me or tell me what to type in

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-12-07

there you go

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-12-06

where do you get your big elastics

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-12-07

if anywhere wal-mart of staples

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-11-30

i had nothing to do

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-12-01

ohh ok

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-11-30


money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-11-30


Airsoft Guy (author)2009-11-25

 thanks a lot man

Airsoft Guy (author)2009-11-24

can you put a piece list i really want to make it but i don't know if i have anough knex respond please

money maker (author)Airsoft Guy2009-11-24

well i dont really knoe because i took it apart but ill try to find out for you

Seleziona (author)2009-08-13

Thank you so much! lowney's version wasn't very good

Lowney (author)Seleziona2009-09-07


Seleziona (author)Lowney2009-09-15

i meant the pictures...

Lowney (author)Seleziona2009-09-16

Have you seen my updated pictures? Too many people complained they couldn't follow it so I basically rewrote the whole thing and took new pictures and new videos of the 522ft range

DJ Radio (author)2009-06-25

For the people who are whining that this is a copy of Lowney's ible, The instructions on how to make the mech are much more detailed than Lowney's.

Nah, Lowney's are better have you seen the new version with loads of photos? (It was updated after loads complained it was too hard to follow). Have to agree with We Only that this is a poor instructable and there is no excuse. What was wrong with Lowney's anyway? I could follow them EASILY, and that was the old one. This instructable is an example of why the "Flag" button and the "0.5*" rating exist.

Im pretty sure he wasnt aware about Lowney's ible. he joined around the time Lowney posted the SR-v2 instructions. 0.5 is for block triggers anywhoo.

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2009-07-14

0.5 for all Dj Radio's guns too btw.

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2009-07-14

My guns arent 0.5 material. all your guns are though.

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2009-07-14

Ok lol.

Name one gun you've made which is completely different,

Not just a simple ram gun with a normal trigger, green rod mag, or a slingshot with the same system.

my guns are 0.5 because a majority of them are new, and prototypes.

Lowney (author)yerjoking2009-09-07

Surely instead of making something new you take something that exists and work on it: make it better. When the first car was invented people didn't then think of how to make people fly, they stuck with the concept and now look at what we have achieved.

yerjoking (author)Lowney2009-09-08

And your comment is not about knex. I like to make things new and innovative. Making something already existing, and changing it, does not make it my own. Making something new, never done before, does make it my own. See my point? Prolly not.

Lowney (author)yerjoking2009-09-08

Take a look at the first slingshot gun and compare it to the likes of the SRv2 or the T36 for a relevant example.

yerjoking (author)Lowney2009-09-10

Those guns are irrelevant... You did exactly what I said wasn't my own. I said making something that already existing and changing it doesn't make it my own. But. In a way, the SRV2 is KillerK's, since the only similarity was the fact that it was a sling gun, it had a never before used, let alone seen, trigger system, instead of the casual piece that connected or something like that. What is a T36?

Lowney (author)yerjoking2009-09-10

No look:
The first sling gun was a bit rubbish and was barely noticed. But KillerK (or whoever it was who posted the first slingshot sniper) saw the potential and completely changed the whole gun, but just kept the slingshot idea. Hence it was HIS gun but utilises another concept.
BTW none of your guns are new and innovative anyway.

Oh and the T36 is this

yerjoking (author)Lowney2009-09-11

So a gun where you squeeze a piece to cock the gun, and it shoots oodammo is not new or innovative?

A bottom loading bullpup bolt action is not new or innovative? Since it was done without hinges I'd say I did quite well.

I'm also working on a knex maverick, I have the slide, and the turret comes out of the side of the gun.

Oh, and a slide action, bolt action handle fed magazine pistol. I got it loading right, I just never got it shooting, I stopped it.

I also turned a seldom seen bolt action type mechanism into a rifle, a small and compact, yet powerful bolt action rifle.

What guns have you made that were new in any way at all? Oh, none.

I have more guns, but most were prototypes or not "new" in a sense, but not used/seen before.

Next time get your facts right before you go blabbering on about things you don't know about

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2009-07-14

SR commando had a new trigger mech. Jackal v2 had a new clip attachment, note that I am not saying the mag is new, I am saying the way it attaches to the gun is new. I am also working on a shell gun with a new system. The only 2 guns you posted are lame pistols, I havent even seen anything else you have made.

his guns are absolutly awesome. sorry dj radio, but the guns hes shown me on msn are amazing. the lever action pistol, the bullpopthe semi auto ww2 rifle and the awesome l96

I dont go on MSN, so I havent seen any of that. I have only seen his 2 pistols.

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2009-07-14

New trigger mech... How is that making the gun new? Look on my youtube for a gun which is almost completely new. you haven't seen my guns, exactly, if you haven't seen them, how can you say they're 0.5?

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2009-07-14

I dont aim for 100% new, I just aim to make a new part or feature, and then focus on performance after that. That doesnt automatically make my guns bad. I have seen your first 2 pistols. so ya. Also, how long have people like mepain, ooda, baken, and you been playing with knex? I would like to know.

DJ Radio (author)DJ Radio2009-07-14

PS, that last question is for a statement I am gonna make about myself.

Not all block triggers, there are some exceptions

yeah, that is the only good block trigger. everything else gets 0.5

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-06-26

Mepain's sniper owns! That's a block trigger. Make the collection of good block triggers 3!

DJ Radio (author)Lowney2009-06-26

its a block TRUE trigger. There is a true trigger that links to the block trigger. 3? what is the third one?

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-06-26

oops typo! 2 block triggers! And I built Mepain's Sniper and it's just a block trigger full stop: no true trigger. Are you thinking of Gorkem's Sniper?

DJ Radio (author)Lowney2009-07-15

no, There is a comment on the ible where someone asks if its a block trigger, he said no. I also notice that a part you place on the handle moves freely and kinda looks like a trigger. So I think its block true.

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-07-29

Oh. Maybe I missed that bit out when I built it.

Lowney (author)The One and Only2009-06-26

Hey thanks!

Lowney (author)2009-09-01

The bands are in the wrong place

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-08-21

hey guys i got another mechanism. maybe it will be the SR-v3 mech... go to my page for some photos (gonna post sioon i think, im working on the photos atm...)

I put my sniper mech into my sr-v2 so mine is the sr-v3 and your new one is the sr-v4

well i had the mech from the v3 earlier...

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