Killerk's Magnum (57 Ft Rubber Band Placement)




Introduction: Killerk's Magnum (57 Ft Rubber Band Placement)

Just showin where to put skinny rubber bands

Step 1: Put the Rubber Band on the Gun

just put the rubber band right here



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    mapain the gun shoot 30 feet with one rubber band and has a different trigger it better than the cannon by oldlumps

    mepains gun is useless i only got it 10 feet and it use too many pieces the best gun i think is the"moretti sr-4 " by burritto king it shoots throughan inch of cardboard and tears its way through a shoe box.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn't the SR4 use more pieces than mepains?

    no.... what im tryin to say is that for the amount of pieces used on mepains gun is not woth it as the gun is poor.BUT THE SR-4 is woth the pieces and effort because i cam pierce 2 cardboard sheets at 7 feet OK!

    OK, it is just that you said ".....and it use too many pieces the best gun i think is the'moretti sr-4 '" so I thought you meant it used too many

    it ok just a misunderstanding , thats fine.

    hey i say post ur super tampon gun

    SHUT UP F*** U

    dnt b hatin! just cuz ur outa u no wats