Kim Bap


Introduction: Kim Bap

Kim Bap is a Korean dish that has Seaweed, Rice , Meat, and Vegetables like Carrots, Spinach. Its kinda like shish without the raw fish.

Step 1: Step One.


1.) Put the dry seaweed on the Bamboo roller.

Step 2: Step Two.

2.) Put cooked rice thinly all over the seaweed.

Step 3: Step Three.

3.) Put the cooked and cut meat over the rice same with the Vegetables.( You don't need to cook the vegetables if you want)

Step 4: Step Four.

4.) Roll the seaweed with the rice and everything so it looks like a shish roll.

Step 5: Step Five.

5.) Eat as is or you can cut it and eat it like that.



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    This looks really good, and I don't even like seaweed. One thing to make this better is bringing it on for the whole class.

    Great instructions. One thing to add would be to add the images

    Really cool idea and I like that it fits your culture at home. Looks good I would just add pictures to each step.

    i like how the video walks us thru how to make it.

    i recommend a music "hanson -mmmbop"