Kimihimo BIC Ballpen





Introduction: Kimihimo BIC Ballpen

Just knit a round kumihimo arround a ballpen refill (I use a standard BIC).
When it is spent it can be replaced, although it is a little tricky.



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very intriguing! I love kumihimo and had to think for a minute about 4 strands with a bic in the center! As soon as I have an empty wheel I'll try this. Right now I am learning to make it with beads. Doing well with 1/8 inch ribbon and size 6 beads. The pens would make nice office type gifts ....

Cool idea but im just checking is the pen flexible afterwards and if it is then is there a way to strengthen it so its easier to write with?


Looking forward to seeing the rest of the instructions - both how to make the braid and the 'tricky" part of how to change out the pen.

"Tricky" because you must insert the new one very carefully, it takes more than one minute to me, and I've done it more than a few times.
And about how, I've try to do the vid, but I could not do it well (I've done a very well looking paper plane and didn't published it because the bad vid).
The braid itself is standard 8 strands round kumihimo, but with 4 threads and the bic refill in the middle instead of 8 threads and a weight in the center.
Lots of people teach you kumihimo in youtube, learn it and this one will be easy.