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Introduction: Kin Herep - Your Friendly Papercraft Friends!

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Here is Wednesday's -ible, a little friend to keep you company when your working hard!

This is a simple one, and anyone of you should be able to manage it.
bumpus did, so anyone can

This is what you need :-
  • A black and white or colour printer
  • A couple of sheets of good quality printable card (i used some 350gsm digital paper)
  • A fresh scalpel blade, and handle
  • A cutting mat
  • Some double sided tape
  • A weight (optional) i used some 2 pence coins, you could use washers.

Below you will find a selection of 5 templates in PDF file format, download them all, and pick your favorate!

Step 1: Print It!

Firstly you need to print your chosen Kin Herep, The thicker the card the better, i used 350gsm card for mine.

If you havn't already got it download Adobe Acrobat, its a free download, available HERE

Open up the PDF, and head for the print dialogue, although the pdf file is A4 (210 x 297) you can just center it and print on to US letter.

I printed mine using the digital laser printer at work. Which can handle very thick card. If your struggling, you can always print it onto paper, and paste it onto some card.

Step 2: Cut It!

First things first, were about to cut out something delicate, pop a new blade in your scalpel, or knife.

Take your time, and ensure that your ruler is placed on the Kin Herep, so your cutting into the waste, this stops you ruining the printout if you slip.

A cutting mat is a must, as it will help the knife glide through the paper easier.

Step 3: Score It!

Turn your scalpel blade over, and using the blunt edge, score along the fold lines, the fold lines travel from the various flaps, its very easy to see where they run! (i didnt want to print fold lines, as they ruin the kin hereps appearance) If in doubt, then check out the picture with the red lines, which shows you where to fold!

Once you have scored the lines, gently fold them a little to make sure its worked, then layout flat again.

Step 4: Stick It!

Next you need to add double sided tape to the bottom flaps, and the side flap, you don't need to worry about the top flaps.

Stick a piece on each of the flaps, don't stick it too close to any fold edge so it doesn't show when finished, Trim the double sided tape down to the paper edge.

  • Picture 3 - here we see the bottom stuck in place
  • Picture 4 - Fold back the edge of the side flap, this makes it easier to stick this flap down later on
  • picture 5 - Stick the bottom into place, peel off the side strip, and stick this into place also.

Step 5: Add Some Weight!

Next i took a few 2 pence pieces, you could use any coins, or anything, just something with a little bit of weight!

Wrap some tape around the outside to hold the coins together, and pop some more double sided tape on to the stack,

Firmly place the weight into the bottom of your Kin Herep.

Step 6: Finishing Off!

Nearly done, all thats left to do now is to took the top flap into place, this should hold without any tape.

Make a few more, and leave them to play.

The Kin Herep itself is great as a gift, and can be used to put small presents or notes in. Or as a secret stash!

Thanks for reading

- gmjhowe (and the playful Kin Herep)



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    38 Discussions

    What if i do not have a scalpel or knife? what do i do?

    I'm going to use a version of this for kids to make as targets for catapults during next week's activities week at my school.

    3 replies

    I think if you cut out the eyes and put a diffuser in them, they would make good LED lanterns.
    Might make one tomorrow.

    1 reply

    I will require pictures, or even a full ible! You have my permission to repost the PDF files on the ible if you do make one.

    I made this just today and i love it. But i cut the both side and replace it with acetate so i can store some of my sweet treat in it. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1 reply

    Awesome! He looks so happy to have some nommy sweets inside him.

    Thanks for sharing your picture.

    i would love to make one but unfortunately i have used up too much ink on my printer and need to cut back

    1 reply

     How about you do what i did to make the prototype, I drew it up on a sheet of paper with a pencil and ruler, then drew in the eye and other details afterwards.

    I made one in Yellow. My mom has some card stock to get rid of so she wants me to make more in different colors.

    2 replies

    Haha! You need to put up a pictures here, or even a slideshow, to show off the different colours.

    Although scissors will get the job done, the precision of the knife makes for a more perfect final thing.

    Nice, time to be bored and get the card for it. then i will build some form of weapondry for the two sides and start a war.. Out of curiosity where are you from, I've been reading your instruables and i keep hearing you mention pence to add wait to things.

    1 reply