I just moved in a new apartment where the kitchen is weirdly designed. It really miss a thin but long and high table to fit behind the "centered sink".

I could not find what i wanted, so i decided to make one. I didn't have access to much tools but a fem 3d printers. It was decided, let's try to make a table with those tools.

Step 1: Tripod Style Feet, and Material

I wanted to try a tripod style feet, so i bought and need :

- squared thin feet and 2*2*100 eucalyptus the cheapest here in Brazil

- 160x40*2 plywood sheet

- Flat Drill Bit 30mm

- Sand paper

- a saw

I had to print some part to cut with specific angle...

That looks very nice! I like how you made the top blue connectors level with the table top and I am also jealous that eucalyptus is the cheapest material where you live :)

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