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You will need:

a kinder surprise egg

a small rock or ball. 

Great use for when your bored. played with my friend 5 hours straight

Step 1:

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eat all the chocolate so all thats left is the yellow ball and the stupid toy. open the egg up and take the toy

Step 2:

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turn it around an you will see a column. take the lid and rip it along the column and stop at the circle at the bottom.

Step 3:

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now it is finished. hold the lid and pull it back so the hinge is touching the circle.put your ammo in and let go. shoots up to 3 meters( if you make it really good.)


mh76dk (author)2012-02-07

I am reminded of what we used to do with kinderegg plastic containers (but those were a different kind, not connected to eachother, just a screw-on lid) you hold the closed egg pointing the lid away from you and with the thumb/index finger at the connecting edge, squeese quick/hard to pop it, shooting the smaller end at your enemy. (I hope that made sense)

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