Kinder Led Light





Introduction: Kinder Led Light

Kinder led light which works on one single barey 1.2V with two white leds.



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    Hi, great little project that makes good use of 'useless' packaging. ANy chance of the schematic or a sketch circuit?



    Thanks for comment.
    There are manu schematis for this,here is one with single 1.5volt batery


    kinder eggs are made in hungry and I live there!!

    It says video is not available in my country cuz of copyright restrictions... D:

    yes,the video is not available in every country,Youtube has limited the video in just few countrys,why is that so I dont know.

    I love the kinder eggs! do you know where (if) one could buy them in the us? If I'm not mistaken, they're illegal in the us because some stupid kid ate the chocolate-encapsulated plastic pod and their parents sued. (Obviously it's the big EVIL company's fault and not the negligent parents fault)

    The egg is from kinder eggs with toys,but the leds and other electronic stuf I have build myself,if you have knowledge of electronics I am gona send you a schematic of the wireing. Regards MacoBT

    I don't need schematics, it's the kinder eggs i want. I can't find them anywhere!

    you could do this with a film canister, I have a million of those lying around....seriously i have a 3 cubic foot box of them.....that's A LOT and I have no idea where they came from. Unless film canisters are illegal in the US as well cause some stupid kid swallowed one. LOL!