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Introduction: Kindle Art

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Turn that old Kindle into a piece of art.

1. You'll need to first jailbreak your Kindle and then install the Kindle screen saver hack. These steps are both easy and well documented on the Web, just follow the links. Note that there are different jailbreak files corresponding to different Kindle models so be sure and identify your Kindle model first.

2. USB connect your Kindle to your PC and then copy your custom images. Just Google "kindle screensaver art" and you'll find a ton or search on Tumblr. Of course the most fun is to do your own art which is easily done in Photoshop, just crop your art to 600 (wide) x 800 (tall) and set the mode to grayscale. Different Kindles will have different resolutions so check the resolution of yours and then match.

3. To change the image, simply toggle your Kindle on and off. The image will be displayed when your Kindle is off and in low/zero power mode.


  • Kindle (e-ink model)
  • Picture Frame
  • Paper Clips
  • String

Step 1: Preparing the Frame

I found this frame at Aaron Brothers which already had the string and a smaller set of paperclips designed to hang notes. I replaced the smaller paperclips with normal sized paperclips and also attached some velcro to the paperclips and Kindle so it will hold. That's really all there is to it, just hang and enjoy.



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    I've got my old K3 constantly running the (paid) AccuWeather app from Amazon. The K3 is in a frame that hides the keyboard and is above the key hooks by the front door. I like your use of it as well!

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    very cool, would love to see that, post a pic if you can. That's a very good use case, how long does the battery last before you need to re-charge?