Step 3: Adding Elastic loops

To hold our kindle in place, we need to attach four elastic loops on the cardboard. 
Its simple to do, just follows the steps
1. Take wide elastic band about 1 meter wide (about 0.5 inch wide,  not too wide, just the right size which u like)
2. Cut four pieces about 2.5 to 3 inches long
3. Place one piece about one inch from the  corner of your freshly prepared cardboard :P at a 45 degree angle
   (There is no need to leave a lag on the elastic piece coz the kindle is very thin.)
TIP :Attach the loops at the bottom a little closer to the corner so you dont cover any of the keys

4. Fold the elastic piece to the back of the cardboard and stick it using Hot Glue
5. Then, staple the piece and tape the piece
    (Do all three coz this we want piece to be quite sturdy and not come off)
6. Do this with all four corners and four pieces
    (Don't worry about the stapler pins, it will stay hidden by your kindle)

TIP : Slip in your kindle once inside the loops to see if everything fits

Since, we are using four loops, you don't have to worry about your Kindle slipping out

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