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Introduction: Kindle Cover W/ Magnetic Closure

About: Hi'o! I am a long-time crafter and a newbie entrepreneur. I learned to craft from watching my mother do her crafts: sewing, quilting, crocheting, painting ceramics, and more. Growing up, I was able to expand...

When I noticed that my best friend kept her Kindle in a little cloth bag, I thought it would be cool to make her a hard case. Personally, I don't understand the bag/padded sleeve concept because I have a tendency to drop things or keep it in my purse with everything else. The only thing that bag is protecting it from is dust.

The case is based on some box making and bookbinding concepts. Once I had all the pieces cut out, the actual assembly was around 10 minutes. Very simple and very fast!

I gave the cover to my friend as a birthday present and she loves it! She especially likes it because it's more durable than most commercially made similar items like journals or handmade books.

The total cost was around $5 for materials. The Nori paste is a specialty item that I only used a very small percentage of, so that was a minimal addition.



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    WOW! This is great. I can't wait to start making my own cover.

    Are you going to make this into a full instructable? You have the pictures to do it?

    It looks good... but doesn't exactly show people how to do it themselves

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    I'm actually working on re-designing the cover. According to my friend, there are a few buttons and ports blocked. So, I think I'll publish a full instructable with the redo.

    I tried to be descriptive with the photo tags, so that there was more step-by-step info that way.

    Nice, I can't wait for the full instructable, I have a kindle that needs a cover. You should put the picture of the finished cover first.

    Ah right I get you.... I look forward to seeing what you come up with